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This is a cross between the Bull Terrier and the English Bulldog. These medium-sized dogs are intelligent, trustworthy, loyal, lively, and love going out, having an athletic body. This breed is a healthy breed, not having many serious health issues. They do not have the serious breathing issues which others may have during the hot months. While training them is not a problem, it is advised to be patient and consistent in their training. This breed is very high in terms of spirit and just loves to please its owners. They are good with children and other house pets, but early training and socializing are recommended. Their average life expectancy is 10-14 years.

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Even though they have intimidating looks, these dogs are friendly and affectionate. They behave differently with strangers inside the house and outside. When at home, these dogs are more protective about the family and wary of strangers. Training them becomes a little challenging as due to their stubborn nature, which can be removed by training them patiently. They are a playful breed which needs proper exercise and activity otherwise, it can lead to behavioral changes, and they can become destructive. Giving them toys to play with during their idle time keeps them happy. They do well with other pets and children in the house.

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12 - 15 inches
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25-45 pounds
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General Health

It has been discussed and argued that the mixed genetics in hybrid dogs reduces the health concerns. This can however, not be proved scientifically till date. Below are some health concerns which the Olde Boston Bulldog can be at risk to as its parents suffer from them: Major Concerns Bloat Minor Concerns Hip Dysplasia

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It is a Cross English Bulldog and Bull Terrier. Not much information in detail is known about their origin.

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This breed is an average in terms of shedding. It has a smooth coat which is easy to groom. It is recommended to brush the coat at least two times a week. Bathe them only when necessary as frequent bathing is not required. While bathing use a mild dog shampoo after proper consultation. While brushing, it is necessary to check the ears for any dirt build up. Clipping of the nails is as per requirements and their teeth should be brushed twice a week at the minimum to avoid dental issues

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Ideal Environment

This is an affectionate breed which bonds with the family and is easy to train. It is advised not to pamper them a lot as it may lead to them thinking they are the boss of the house. Hence strick house rules should be applied for them. They can adapt well to apartments and need at least 30 minutes of activity and exercise daily. This can be in the form of walks and dog park visits. They enjoy outdoor activity and are mostly inactive indoors. Special care should be taken of them during extreme weathers.

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