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My Papilion is 10 months old and spends 90% of his time scratching and chewing on himself and he is so obsessed with this chewing that he will even do the same to our legs and arms with his front teeth, as if he were needing to groom us. I have placed him on a diet for allergies and given him baths with a shampoo just for this problem with no luck, Is this just a nervous habit? How can we help him to relax (if it is nervousness)?

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I have found that my 3 year old Pap is "allergic" to dog food with salmon in it. I was trying to give him things high in Omega 3's, but ended up with a very itchy scratchy pooch. I isolated it as being the dog food and switched to something else but now I add a bit of Flax Seed Oil to their food. Also, another option is to take your dog to the vet and have its Anal Glands cleaned out. This can also cause itching as well as odor. You can do it yourself, but it is not a great job. Much easier to have it done at the vet or some groomers may offer the service as well. When squeezed to be emptied, it should look similar to caviar. Best of luck.

My Papillon has the same problem. Her vet recommended giving her 25mg of Benadryl twice a day. I believe my dog is allergic to flea bites and unfortunatley even the Advantage doesn't stop them all. The Benadryl seems to relax her. And the vet also told us to wash all her bedding once a week and vacuum everywhere she sleeps (like under our bed). So far that seems to work. Our dog is 3 years old and this didn't become an issue until this year.

My pappy also has issues with salmon! She had diarrhea and vomitting after I tried her on this new treat. Her vet put her on a fiber dry dog food diet only for 3 weeks and I slowly added treats and her old food. As soon as I tried the salmon treats, symptoms began to arise again. I believe food has alot to do with the itching, and I noticed it when she wasn't getting all the treats. No itching, and her eyes didn't run.

My puppy did that, I had to change his food a couple of times, switched to Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo, and had to find a flea medicine that did not bother him. And the vet told me for a few months to give him a drop of infants Benadryl ((the liquid)) but I'd suggest bringing it to the vet before giving any medicine :).

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