Photo My Pom is a purebred, however, I opted not to get papers....I am noticing that her hair is longer bu

She`s still pretty young. Her hair might not be full yet because she hasn`t gone through a full year`s worth of seasons. She should start to grow her undercoat soon and that should make her look a l

Photo my pom seems to be loosing hair at the base of herneck on her back, is this normal ? i have tried ta

Try using special shapooos or go to a vet to make sure it's not likned with cacer or something.

Photo My pom is 11 years old going on 12, she has never been on a leash AT ALL in her life. Is to late to old dog can still learn new tricks,though she might not be as eager to learn...

Photo Approxiately at what time will a pomeranian puppy stop growing? Is there a way to determine from th

A pom usually gains their approximate adult size by 4-6 months. That of course does not account for overfeeding. Some breeders have size charts posted on their sites but I cannot vouch for their acc

Photo I bought my Pomeranian at a pet store and they promised he is a full blooded Pomeranian. He even cam

I just got a pomimo and her father is a 15 pound parti pom, much larger than my 7 and 9 lb. poms so this is an interesting question I would like answered too.

Photo Hello my pom boy is 11mo old when can he go on adult food? He weighs about 10 1/2lbs how much food s

You should actually start putting him on dog food right now. He is fairly an adult dog with an adult dogs weight. For how much feeding daily, give him a cup of dry dog food.

Photo My pom is 4 months old and is very fragile and active but he is having boils and fungal infection. w

A Pom should never be fed anything with milk or sugar. They become diabetic easily. Feed only a good quaility dry dog food. For treats, I suggest Cheerios.

Photo We have a pom that is about 3 years old and he still has a bad habit of not being consistent with th

Well, I suggest that you should not hesitate to give him rewards when being good. But also this problem may root from not taking him to relieve himself much or it could be a lack of something in his d

Photo Our Pom is a little over a year old- he eats -drinks -is a whirlwind of energy- His nose was black a

My malti-poos nose started getting lighter after about a year of age. I asked the vet and they said that this happens to some dogs - nothing weird.

Photo My pomeranian will be two years old in April and now my boyfriend wants to get another(bigger) dog.

I've had my pom (Stinky) for about two years now. About six months ago I got a beagle (Margot). They get around wonderfully. My boyfriend's parents have a HUGE mixed dog (we think she's lab and rot)

Photo Hello my pom is just a year old Im wanting to switch to adult food what is the best brand of food fo

No real reason to over feed your pet, especially a pom. once a day is more than enough. Just keep water around as far as adult food i would check the internet. i never owned a toy before but from what

Photo My pomeranian is 8 months old and he has a habit of howling at night.How can I stop him doing this?

I really don't know what to tell you. but my pom barks A LOT and i mean ALOT when she hears people at the door or thinks she hears people at the door haha!! What i am starting to do is when she barks

Photo Hi, I just bought an all white Pomeranian, 8 Months old. I know that Poms should have a curled ta

My pom will usually put his tail down when he's scared or feels that he's done something wrong. In some cases, he keeps it down when he's tired. I'd get a check-up with your vet on that. Mention that

Photo At what age is it safe for females to bear a litter and at what age are they no longer fertile?

with maturity comes strength and stability.give your dog a few yaers before breeding,may be after 2 years would be a good idea for the health of puuppy..and never have them breed consecutive years(it

Photo How many calories should a toy pom eat per day? My pom is 8 lbs and told to make her lose 2lbs.

HI My pom eats 12 grams of dog food morning and evening - that's no treats - carrot stick is fine or small amb lung chunk. Greenies are good once or twice a week. Dog food like Solid Gold wee bit dr

Photo Hi i was just wondering how to brush my pomeranians teeth?

make sure you give them a little bit of salty food regularly.It helps make teeth strong(both in animals and humans)..

Photo I have a 5 year old female pom who is pull globs of hair off her body what do I do? She is bathed an

When that happens to me, i usually brush her and take out the fur with the brush.

Photo i was thinking about getting a pom but will they favor one person and not like company or do they lu

i have a little pom and she loves everyone. she might favor me more than the rest of the family, but she does love everyone

Photo Hi, my Pomeranian pup is 10 months old, and still not fluffy. Does this mean she is not a Pure-bred?

I have a black pom. and she is not fluffy either. That is because she doesn,t have a full undercoat. That does,t mean they are not a full blooded pom.

Photo I have a 6 year old pom and he doesnt seem to stop itching for the past 2 weeks. I'm 90% sure he do

USing frontline doesn't mean all the fleas are gone, maybe he has some skin irritation. My dog did the same thing but he didn't seem to have anything wrong with him. Soon he stopped.?

Photo My pom likes to lick. He will lick anyone or anything, at times. Is this compulsive behavior?

I think it's ok but maybe he's not getting enough water?

Photo I take my pom to the dog park twice a week, he loves it! I just read something that said avoid dog

I don't think that it's bad to take your pom to a park. If so you meet an agressive dog, all i do is pick my pom up and leave.

Photo are poms good for people with allergies?

It really depends on what your allergic to. If you're allergic to "dogs", it's the dander, not the hair, so it won't help to keep their hair short. I am allergic to ALOT of things and take

Photo Is it ok to shave my pomeranian?

I do, because in the summertime she just gets too hot with all that fur! She loves having a haircut and jumps around like a puppy when its done. Because her fur grows VERY fast, I have her clipped tw

Photo How many times a month should I bathe my poemeranian?

Bathing any dog removes natural oils from the dog's coat. Try not to bathe your Pom much, and use dry shampoo if possible. Hoping this helped.

Photo I just adopted a 9 month old Pom. He has been to the vet and given a clean bill of health but I've

Yes that's normal. My Pomeranian is FOREVER sneezing. It's as if they are allergic to their own fur. Lots of dander... I think they're a lot like humans in that way.

Photo My pomeranian howls. Is this normal for the breed?

Yes, I think so. I'd have to research more to back my answer up but my Pomeranian howls as well and I think it's somewhat do to the shape of their muzzles.

Photo Can I ask, what are the advantages of owning a Pomeranian?

I've had many dogs of various breed in my 63 years but none compare to the spirit of my recently acquired adult Pomeranian. If you are a dog lover and are looking for a fine "best friend" I

Photo Pomeranians okay for people with alleries?

I sacrifice the sneezing for my pom but I wouldn't recommend it. I have to vacuum all the time. The shedding is ridiculous.

Photo I have a 2 yr old pom & he barks at EVERYTHING! How do I stop this? My 10 yr old pom NEVER did
Photo why does my pomeranian puppy have such short and very little hair?

Is he around 5 or 6 months of age? They go through the "puppy ugliest" around that time. the hair is usually back by 9 to 10 months.

Photo Are there physical markers that will result in a show dog? How do you determine what is the appropr
Photo My male Pom is 4 months old. He weighs 6.5 lbs. is almost 10" tall. How much heavier and tall

Are you sure he's a pure Pom? It sounds as though he may be mixed with another breed, have you met both his parents? Was his breeder Kennel Club certified? You can check up on this (either to get some

Photo My pomeranian pup Bella is 2 months old and is so cute. I got to see her parents and they are beaut

Yes, she will lose the darker hairs, this is common in many dogs, they begin life with slightly different fur to what they will have in their adult life (like children losing their milk teeth, she wil

Photo I have a 3 yr old pomeranian weighing 4-1/2 lbs; sometimes she will pant for no reason. She is not

It is most likely she is exciting herself by a scent she has caught, or just enjoys the feeling - if you are worried - or she begins to do it more often than normal - check with a vet!

Photo I have a 10 month old pomeranian; sometimes he will make a honking cough. He is not doing any exerci

Check with vet. It may be a collapsed trachea.

Photo Hi, my pomeranian is about 3 years old. He puts his head in the snow and lays on it when he goes out

Seizure disorder

Photo how much homemade food to feed my pomeranian who is 4years old and weighs 16pounds. thank you

that pomeranian is pretty heavy, maybe you can feed it a can of mighty dog and put in a little kibbles, that will do :)

Photo My pomeranian goes outside and bark at nothing, why does she do that?

Mine does too. Sometimes I think she's just using up some of her energy. But, also remember, dogs hear things we can't. She may actually hear things (like an airplane flying overhead) or see someth

Photo I bought my little pom when she was 3 months old, I brought her home to our little one and half year

It sounds like your new one is the Alpha dog. I have the same situation at my house. She came in after all the other animals, but she rules the roost. It can seem a bit scary at first, but it's nat

Photo I gave my pomeranian a hair cut because his fir got so matted from being in prickers and briars. No

Probably because he`s not used to it, why not just take him to the groomer when his fur grows back so you don`t have to shave it again.

Photo I have a pure bred black 4 year old Pomeranian named Charlie, when he was six moths old, he was more
Photo I have a pure bred black 4 year old Pomeranian named Charlie, when he was six moths old, he was more

Could be related to the dogs environment. If the dog is in the sun a lot the coat can change colors especially with your darker colors like blacks Black and Tans and diluted colors of black or ble. A

Photo Although I`m not going to do it is it okay to cut your Pom`s fur?

I take my pom to the groomer and have him trimmed..when its really hot I have him trimmed way down

Photo how long will my girl pom have her period she is 8mon. old
Photo Hi .. I have 2 pomeranians at home .. One is a male , 3 years old ... The other is a female 1 year a

Yes always breed to a smaller male with true Pom characteristics including short nose.

Photo Please help me. We cannot hold or pet our 9 wek old pom because she won't stop biting and growling.

If you have not taken her to a vet, please do. At this age they should be loving and dependent upon you. Do you have children that are young? They could make the pup nervous. There are things (abs

Photo Why does my dog always put her back end to you when she is playing even with other dog

Because they smell each other there

Photo We just got our puppy last week, she is 7 weeks old now. She loves being in her playpen and is happy

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