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The Porcelaine is a cute and agile hound.  Large drooping ears sit on the side of its round head.  Rounded eyes are set above the breed’s long muzzle which ends in a large black nose perfect for hunting and tracking.  A muscular neck with a dewlap leads to its broad shoulders, deep chest, and sunken in stomach.  The breed’s long skinny legs lead down to unusually small cat-like feet.  Their tail is long and thin.  Smooth and sleek fur covers their body.  The coat color is pure white but they can have orange spots especially on their ears.

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A sweet nature makes the Porcelaine a great family dog.  Friendly with all people including children, this is a very social dog.  This breed is also great with other dogs because they are meant for pack hunting.  An independent nature makes them not good for people who want a happy, eager to please dog.  Outside they are a strong and tough hunter, but in the house they are loving and calm. 

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21 – 23 inches
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55 – 62 pounds
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General Health

The Porcelaine is a very healthy dog breed.  Life expectancy for this breed is approximately 12 to 13 years.

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The Porcelaine originated in France and is one of the oldest scenthounds from the country.  Because the dog was used for hunting primarily by the upper classes, the French Revolution was particularly hard on the breed.  In fact, the breed essentially became extinct except for a few specimens found in Switzerland.  Later, the breed was recreated and is now more common in France.

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Grooming is very easy and not time consuming for the Porcelaine.  All this breed needs is a simple brushing occasionally.  Bathing is not needed because their coat stays pretty clean even after playing outside or hunting.  Exercise is probably the most important thing this dog requires.  Long walks or the ability to run off leash are good ways to release pent up energy.  However, letting them hunt is another way for the breed to receive lots of exercise and mental stimulation which is crucial for a smart, hunting dog.

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Ideal Environment

The Porcelaine is a great family dog who is sweet.  Family members get love and affection from this loyal breed.  Strangers will also be greeted in a friendly way by this social butterfly.  The Porcelaine does great with children and loves to have other dog companions.  If you are looking for an eager to please and always on you dog, the Porcelaine is not for you.  However, if you want an independent, yet still loving, dog the Porcelaine is perfect.  They do well in most environments but are not good apartment dogs because they want to hunt and run in a large yard.

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