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(Pulik) (Hungarian Puli)(Hungarian Water Dog) information, pictures, photos and descriptions. The Puli is a unique breed.  Its round head and short muzzle are covered in long hair.  Their almond shaped black eyes are also covered by long cords of hair.  A broad neck leads to a square body and short legs with round feet.  Their tail should sit on the back and their long hair flows from it.  Obviously their most distinctive characteristic is their long corded hair which looks like the Komondor’s coat.  Colors can vary for the Puli, but they are mostly black or shades of gray and sometimes white.

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Pulik are great family dogs who are devoted to their owners.  The Puli should not be around children who like to pester dogs or tease them.  A guarding nature makes them untrusting of strangers but not aggressive.  This breed gets along with other dogs and loves playing with them.  Intelligence makes them easy to teach, but like most smart dogs they can be independent. 

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14 – 17 inches
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20 – 35 pounds
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General Health

The Puli is a healthy dog with no common health problems.  They have a life expectancy of 12+ years.

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The Puli arrived in Hungary thousands of years ago.  After their arrival, they were quickly adopted by herders who used the dark-colored breed to work within their flocks while the larger but similarly coated Komondor handled guard duties.  While the breed was common, its numbers were greatly reduced after World War II and the Puli was only saved from extinction by careful breeding programs.

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Grooming can take some time because of the Puli’s unusual coat.  At six months of age, the Puli will start forming cords. When this happens, it is important that the hair is separated very often.  To separate the cords, use your hand to pull the hair apart starting at the end of the cord and working up to the skin.  Some owners shave their coat so they do not have to deal with untangling the cords.  However, their coat is not too difficult to handle.  Bathing is simple but drying is time consuming.  For drying, a hairdryer is recommended because without one the Puli takes two days to dry in comparison to two hours.  Exercise is important but easy to accomplish because of the breed’s active nature in the house.  To release their energy, playing fun games or running in the house is enough for these dogs. 

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Ideal Environment

The Puli is a sweet dog which works well in many different family environments.  Family members will be warmly greeted, but strangers will not be trusted and will be barked at by the Puli.  Children who tease and pester dogs should not be around the Puli.  Pulik do great with other dogs because they enjoy playing with them.  Pulik can live in any climate and do well in an apartment.  They are good dogs for elderly people because they require no exercise outside the home.  The Puli is not for owners who have no time for grooming, however.  This smart, independent, sweet, loving, and all around family dog is great for many homes.

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