Photo how long are they pregnant

The Rottweiler is just like any other breed and the usual gestation length is 63 days. If the dog goes more than 2-3 days beyond that, a Veterinarian should be contacted. The puppies may need to be de

Photo My Rottweiler suffers from lymphoma and the vet says many of them do. Any Infromation on this?

it's herititary

Photo I have an 8 yr. old Black Lab and now have an opportunity to get a 1 yr. old male Rot. Your tempera

Hi there, I have had four Rotties, My first one I had with 2 cocker spanials, and another female rottie,my third one I got an English pointer puppy as a companian for her when she was 2 years old and

Photo My 9 month old rott is always breathing hard, even when he is laying down. Does anyone know what tha

may be your dog have a heart problem, because rottweiler is prone to chd(chronic heart disease) better to check it up to your nearest vet.!! that is all

Photo My nine month old rott has started her period, i thought this didn't happen until 1 years old

Just like humans...this can vary. It can happen anywhere from 7 months to 13 months. Don't worry.

Photo how tall should my 4 month old rottie be?

well i have a 5 month old rottie that is 22-24 inches and weighs about 53lbs but if its a female it could be smaller.

Photo I adopted a female rottie which I have had for 5 months now. I have had her checked by a Vet and sh

I use Purina One and i'd start giving the more than the daily value.

Photo What are the first signs that could indicate that my rottweiler is pregnant?
Photo i have a 2 year old rottie hes been eating pedigree dry dog food for some time now but for the last

have an xray by vet first or try soft food

Photo I am thinking about a rottie. I have a huge fenced backyard with a mix of sunlight and shade. I don'

Don't get a Rottweiler this dog needs socialization with it's human family to leave the dog outside with thyself is counter productive to any dog especially the Rottweiler.

Photo I recently got a 6 wk old rott puppy. I have 2 young children and was wondering if these dogs are go

Hi Katie. First of all your puppy is only 6 weeks old? Hmmm...It hasn't had the time to learn important things from its mother and littermates like biting and playing. Your gonna have a lot of work to

Photo What is the difference between " big head" and American rotties ? or is there is such thi

The difference is the bigger head ones you've heard of are the german/european ones. They are generally larger and more square then the American ones. Other then that same thing. As long as youve gott

Photo I am intersted in getting a rott but I live in Florida. Is the Florida climate too hot for a Rott?

It might be a ittle warm. Im assuming you have a/c tho?? They do tend to get over heated. But as long as they have fresh water, an ac house to retreat to, and their fave thing- a plastic baby pool you

Photo I have a 14 week old rottweiler and she has a tint of rust color on the tops of her ears is that com

Yes, this is normal. My pure breed rottie also has small rust markings on his ears. Although not all rotties have this.

Photo I am planning buying a 4 month rotti i currently live in a small flat near to parks woods etc moving

I have an almost two year old rottie and a 6 month old rottie. When we got our female, we were not home much and did not get to teach her much obedience. Now that I am home, I have tried, but it is di

Photo I have a 4 month old female rotti. I have noticed she has little white hairs around the tan part und

Your rottie is probably not purebred. Maybe some traces of shepherd in her.

Photo My 6 month old male rottie is 22" at the withers. do you think he'll reach the heigher or lower heig
Photo We have a 7y/o male Rott, that we have had since he was 6wks old. He has always been a very loving d

You have to treat him gently and you have to be very strict. Rott's need strict and dominant masters. When he does wrong things you have to say no to him by raising your voice.

Photo hi, my rottweiler is about 13yrs old, and for the past couple days, he is not eating , if he is ,

You must be ready,because he is going!I know is very hard to lose your Rottweiler friend,after i lose mine (is now 6 years)i still missing him,he was my best friend and no other dog will give me what

Photo Hi my rottweiler is about 14 weeks old and still continues to eat his own feces when he has acciden

they sell some kind of a med @ pet shop or @ the vet. after the little guy take it, it will stop him from eating it's own. but as of now, i think you should keep an eye on him. or you can do what

Photo my rottweiler is 6 months old and only weighs 48 lbs we have been feeding him purina puppy food and

my rottie mix is 8 mos old and only weighs 50 lbs. Ive seen charts that say they're supposed to be heavier by now, but I've also read information that says it can take up to five years for the breed

Photo I've been thinking about buying a Rottweiler. Do they get a long with cats?

No, generally rotties do not like cats

Photo My family and I went to a kennel yesterday and fell in love with a year old Rotti, but my husband is

I have owned Rotti's for several years and i also owned a rescue Rotti (which to be fair i also thought like youself i would never do, as you never know the dogs past), but then I asked the same quest

Photo My rottweiler is 9 months now, shes just been spayed... but my dog doesnt like being inside alot...
Photo I have always admired Rotties from afar. I had a friend who had one, and he was the biggest, loviest

I have had two rotties, and have 2 children. As long as you are willing to out the work in that is needed to train one, they are brilliant family pets and will do anything for the kids. Childrens ag

Photo The rottweiller we adopted 6 weeks ago has a clean bill of health from her vet check and was spayed

Benadryl is okay to give to your rottie, I have given it to my rotties for years. If your not sure on how much, call your vet and they can tell you how much to give.

Photo we got a rottweiler puppy at 8wks old and now he is 5 mouth old and still bites me and now harder i

when pups bite each other to hard in play they yelp to let the other no "hey that was to hard" when your dog nips you give out a loud yelp and he should stand off looking a little shocked.

Photo I have a 6 yr. old Rottie we raised from a pup.We moved from a house where she had free run of the b

I have a 1 year old female and we had the same issue. We moved to an apartment in a noisier part of town and she was terrified of outside. everyone she saw and every sound she heard made her bolt for

Photo I have a 144lb male who is 2 years old, I am on a farm and he is with 2 other rotts, he licks the bo

Rottweilers can be sensitive on their feet. Possibly stones or salt is causing some skin agitation. ask your vet for special lotion to rub on their pads :)

Photo Hi, I have been wanting a rottie and now my kids are planning to get me a female for mothersday. I s

The best one to get if you are wanting a rott is to get a male. Because a male will take up to a female owner where a female will take up to a male owner i know this sounds crazy but I have a 7 yr ol

Photo I have a mother and daughter rotts my question is myoldest rott is 7yrs old and i have never been ab
Photo My 11 month old bulls Euler is very skittish when outside and sometimes even in the house, why does
Photo Hi. I'm consider adopting a 3 year old Rottweiler from a rescue. I want a dog who will also make a

this means he is very confident. all rotties are protective of owners...seems this one would make a marvelous addition to any family.

Photo Is rothweiller pups born with there tan markings or do they appear as they grow
Photo if a rottwieler mates with a dog outside their bloodline will their bloodline be no more good?

the ans. is this you can only go to a vet or a dogs doctor

Photo can my bitch get pregnat while not in heat?have numorous questions about my rotts.

she might have to mate while in heat, but she can become and be pregnant while not in heat

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