Photo I have a German Shepard male approx 3 yrs old, he likes other animals but my question is do Scotties

Scotties can dislike other dogs but I find if you socialize them properly when they are puppies they will accept other dogs. My 9 month old Scottie Mac didn't like the other dogs in puppy kindergarte

Photo At about 11 weeks my scottie shed out all her baby hair, she is now 4 almost 5 mths and although her

The answer is yes, it may take a few years before the coat is long enough to reach the ground..but it will grow.

Photo Our Scottish (Aberdeen) Terrier seems quite a lot larger than most we have met and has a much wider

Our wheaten scottie is larger than most also he just turned 10 years old. He has had 3 different vets in his life time, and each time I have asked this question I received the same answer. The reason

Photo Our Scottish Terrier is 17 weeks old. It has one ear that points straight and one that flops down?

When I got my Scottie he had one floppy ear as well. After a few weeks the other one stood up. He needs to develop his ear muscles. It's nothing to worry about, don't be too concerned.

Photo How much should my schottie weigh at 5 months?

I wish I knew because mine only weighs 3 pounds at 8 weeks

Photo how many puppies does a scotish terrier normally have?

A scottish terrier litter is usually around 5-7 pups in a litter.

Photo My scottish terrier is pregnant and I want to know how many puppie they usually have?

A scottish terrier litter is usually around 5-7 pups in a litter.

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