Photo Recently I moved to Hawaii for a temporary job of three months and would like to bring my dog down w

If you watch her carefully, she should be okay. Try hard to keep her cool if she looks over-heated

Photo My one year old has just been diagnosed w/ hyperthyroidism what are the natural choices of treatment
Photo my sheltie has been vomiting bile lately and often. this is the same thing that happened to my other

Our 9 year old Sheltie just died and he was vomitting too, then died in a day. He seemed fine before this. The vet found his liver was enlarged. If we think back he was showing signs for awhile tha

Photo Our 9 year old sheltie just died at the vet's. The day before we took him to the vet he vomitted 15

This happened to our Sheltie a few years back, the bile was because he had eaten some carpet fibers and his intestines were blocked. Our Sheltie is still with us but is was frightening week, trying to

Photo I am researching the Sheltie and am sure it is the breed I want to buy, but I haven't found any talk

Most prefer females as they tend to be easier to train and more obedient. All Shelties are extremely active, but females tend to be easier and not as hyper so to speek. Males are on the hyper side of

Photo would a sheltie be ok with going on like a 2 hour car ride most every week more than once

I have 4 Shelties and they love going in the van; whether it just to the store, park or a 3 hour drive to the cottage. We take our dogs everywhere and they sleep in the van most of the time while we a

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