Photo I have adopted a Husky - built like an ALaskan - colored like a Siberian - only 28 pounds. We are th

It sounds like she lacks training, has too much energy and thinks she is the dominate figure in the house. She may have inherited a lot of these traits from her previous owners….. I would recommen

Photo are siberian huskies good around young children?

they love children, but if the child is smaller than the dog they might not be ready for a siberian love hug, and these love hugs cant be taken out of the dog , it just the breed and they just love.

Photo is there anything that I can put in my siberian huskies' (1 yr. old) dog house for her to sleep on t

No .. haha, not really... straw is the only thing for a husky.

Photo we own a 2yr old female shiba inu w/ an excellent temperament. we have 4 children ages 14,12,9,7 and

I have 2 children, 5 and 2 yo. Dakota, our female Siberian is fantastic with our children. I couldn't ask for a better dog with children. Beware though they are runners and they are also escape art

Photo I just adopted a 2 yr old female, but she is very shy and scard. How do I help her know that we won'

take baby steps, stand back and let her come to you. she will start trusting you more and more.

Photo My husky is acting really strange. She's acting like she gonna have a puppy. You know, she's finding

I don't really know, but I think she might have met a dog she WANTS to mate with, but since she's neutered she might just be satisfyed with pretending.

Photo My Siberian who is 6 month old has an extra fang tooth on each side of his lower jaw...(his adult te
Photo We have a 25 month old neutered (at 7 mos.) male that has been leaving wet spots after resting. Vet

It may be from the Husky licking themselves. I went through that with one of my Huskies. it is perfectly normal.

Photo Our husky is 10 years old and has developed a skin conditions that looks like cradle cap on a baby.
Photo im thinking of buying a female husky pup but im worried about the health problems they have. what ca

The best thing to do is buy a puppy from a responsible breeder and make sure both parents of the puppy are healthy and do not have any heath problems like eye problems. Also you should get a health co

Photo Hi, we have a 20wk old sibe and had him since he was11wks, he has still a runny stool, we have him o

Try to give him boiled ground beef (lean) with rice (no spices) for couple of days, twice a day. Beef with rice always helps. Huskies have very sensitive stomach. I had problem with my husky when he w

Photo I inherited the brother of my Siberian Husky two months ago. They are 8 years old and from the same

Have you ever tried wachting the "Dog Whisper" on animal planet. I've used almost all of his techniqes on my dog and it acts just wonderfully aroundother dogs!

Photo how many puppies do they usually have?

Two to six puppies for most litters. My females never had more than 6.

Photo About how many times a day do you have to brush a Husky when it's shedding off it's winter coat, and

Bolting the undercoat generally takes about 3 weeks. Daily brushing and use of a wire comb to pull a bit at the clumpies of the undercoat will help to keep shedding under control.

Photo Can you shave a siberian husky?

This is not normally necessary. They are no more uncomfortable in summer than most other breeds. The undercoat is most likely to mat just before "bolting", which is when the undercoat is she

Photo My dads friend has one and the dog is three years old. and they want to sell it because they have on
Photo I took my sibes to a park that we always go to and let them both run. It has tall grass and they wer

You should check his feet and nails for injury. Its easy to miss something with all the fur.

Photo I currently have two smaller dogs (pomeranian x poodle) at home, and am getting a husky this Septemb

You don't want your dogs to hurt each other, so it's best if you have them on a leash, you need a couple of peopl to help. Just 3. Have each person hold the dogs. Let them sniff or do what they want.

Photo When selecting a husky puppy, what are the best individual characteristics to look out for? ie; play
Photo I am thinking of getting one of these dogs but i live in southern ca and it gets pretty hot sometime

i've read that they are built to handle not only extreme cold temperatures, but extreme heat.

Photo I am considering getting Husky as my first dog. Is this a good breed for someone with little to no d

Yes a husky can be a great first pet. But know what you are getting into. It will need alot of attention and no you cannot be assured. While most will not you cannot ever know for sure. If you have al

Photo What health issues do Huskies have?

well they are prone to hip dysplasia and skin disease and can develop junior cataracts just make sure the bloodlines are clear of all problems before u buy the pup

Photo my husky/lab mix has recently died and i am thinking of gettin a purebreed husky! i have a chihuahua

It might be dangerous if the husky was ever outside on the 4 acres with the cat and chihuahua. They are predatory animals and while they can usually get along with smaller animals indoors, the gloves

Photo My sib. huskie is 13 years old and my wife keeps telling me that she is going to die soon. I hate to
Photo Is it normal for my one year old German Sheperd/Siberian Huky mix not to be gaining weight? I've tri
Photo My family has a miniature American Eskimo. We are thinking about adopting a 8 week old siberian hus

I think that everything will be ok if both dogs will be rised from youth. If you need more information about Siberian Huskies you can visit my website: hope that all will find so

Photo My male labrador got my female siberian husky pregnant. And we were actually trying to breed her wi

no it wont

Photo i have a six month old siberian and he loves to play but, he always wants to bite and sometimes i'm

i have a husky too and he does the same thing. i was told that every tI'me he bites just shriek and pull away as a sign of him hurting you and he or she should let up a little. the thing is they aren'

Photo I have 12 Seppala Siberians. I have a sled team. 2 females gave birth 4 weeks ago and now have Giard
Photo My 5 year old male husky makes nightly trips outside to go to urinate. I have trained him to come to
Photo My 5 year old male husky makes nightly trips outside to urinate. I have trained him to come to me o
Photo I just picked up my sibe puppy (he's a male and 8weeks).I wanted a pet to suit my active lifestyle (


Photo My two male huskies fight so severe they can not be together( father and son). I believe they will f

You need to make Sure they are neutered as the testosterone makes them crazy at other males, it might be an idea if you get them all done as your female might be coming into heat and they will fight t

Photo I have a 18 week old Husky Malamute puppy. I've had her for about 2 months now and am having the wor

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