Photo how do i tell the difference in a walker and a beagle. i have a little pup and i cant tell if it is

I think its hard to. My husband and I got a puppy about a year ago from a shelter who we thought was a beagle and 65 pounds later we believe she is a walker. So for us only time could tell! She is

Photo Have you ever heard of a 6yr old walker running around and acting normal then all of a sudden collap

I just adopted a treeing walker coonhound. She is 7 months old. She started doing the same thing. She seems fine, but every once in a while her back legs will give out. She has tons of energy, bounces

Photo We have one treeing coonhound and just adopted another one that we think is one- he does have a mixt

My two pure breed Walkers are both tri-color, which is in fact the norm for this breed.

Photo I am considering buying a Walker to use as a house pet for my kids and a hunting companion for me, h

We have a 9 year old walker and the invisible electric fence definitely keeps her home. Our electricity even went out for a week recently after a bad storm but she'd gotten so used to the fence that

Photo I adopted a treeing coonhound - this is my first male dog - and he's a chewing maniac. He's about 7

I have a 13 year old treeing walker coonhound and it does get better. They have a lot of energy, but are the BEST dogs with family. So loving and giving of their love. Mine has turned in to a huge

Photo will walker hounds destroy your home or can you train them not to chew on furniture?

We adopted what was believed to be a beagle-coonhound mix, but is actually a treeing walker coonhound--to my amazement--and so far she has chewed up a $400 coffee table, SEVERAL cat toys, rawhides and

Photo We'd like to use our walker coonhound for hunting. How difficult is it to train them to be around g

It is not difficult at all but it should be the last part of your dogs training. Your dog should tree by sight and smell and be rewarded many times and then learn that gunfire is the end result and be

Photo What colour are walker hound ears?

The color differs between the dog. There is no specific color their ears should be. My walkers ears are Tan at the top with black too the bottom. Most walkers are variation of three colors black white

Photo At what age should walker hounds start their training?
Photo I have a 3 year old male walker; He hunts hard but when he trees he does not stay at the tree. Any i

get to the tree faster and shoot the coon out to show him that wat he wants is up there and start taking longer and longer to get to the tree

Photo We are being given 3 adult coonhounds that have absolutely no indoor experience, all they've known i

I've had trouble housebreaking my Walker. She urinates on the carpet both when she actually has to urinate to empty her bladder *and* to mark. But I've taught her basic obedience and how to stay behi

Photo I found a dog I believe is a walker coon hound out in a field, at first I thought he was a beagle, h

You've probably got a walker on your hands. The best way to tell is just wait and see how big he really gets. A beagle shouldn't be much bigger than that PERIOD, so all signs point to a walker. Hav

Photo Are they good with cats over all?

It took me a year with my Walker to get her even remotely use to having my cat around. And she is only okay with the cat if he isn't moving or making a noise. She roughly licks him and smacks her nose

Photo I think my dog is a Walker. she fits all the dimensions and looks just like the pics of Walkers, bu

i would say your probly right, i tooke my male blutick with papers and my female black and tan with papers , well wouldnt you know monthe later she gave birth the a litter of fully black and tan color

Photo In march we were given a Beagle named Max. The lady who gave him to us go thim form a pet store. his

I wasnt able to see your pics but what you have described sounds like a walker beagle mix. in many southern states beagles and walkers are mixed. in states that allow deer hunting with dogs there is a

Photo I have 2 males that LOVE to bark, they are the perfect pets otherwise, but we are getting a lot of c

My walker is 1&1/2 years and I am at work all day, to solve the barking during the day I made a window seat and curved the drapery rod and curtain around the seat so he would have something to kee

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