Photo We have recently rescued a dog Weirmaraner who is nearly three. He is the perfect dog apart from wan

Older rescue dogs are always a tougher case since you can rarely tell what kind of life and training they’ve had. I recently got the chance to pet sit my friends Weimaraner and I was impressed with

Photo My teenage daughter recently rescued a very abused and neglected a 6 month old Weimaraner that has a

No! Get that puppy to the vet if its jaw gets really big it could cause her/him pain and it might not be able to eat!

Photo My 12 week old weimaraner boy is very smart quick learner no problem training him but he eats his ow

My 2yr old weim female also did this? We got her from a rescue centre,she has had a litter of pups while at the centre.I have now been told that this is a maternal thing? cleaning the pups genitals an

Photo My boyfriend and I recently rescued a 5 month old Weim. He was left outside since 8 weeks old tied

My Weim has serious anxiety. I blame it on her being left alone a lot while she was a puppy. Maybe it's just anxiety of being left outside or being left inside.

Photo We recently acquired a 5 month old weimaraner. He is scared of all of us, won't come in the door wit

This isn't any problem.The pup needs some time to adjust with all of you.Feed him, love him, care for him, and he will be compelled to love you all.He will surely come over his behavioural problems af

Photo My 4 month old weimaraner just got diagnosed with hypertrophic osteodystrophy. I am confused on whic
Photo I am looking into getting a Weim. I have horses, do you think this breed will do fine/good with hors

I have a Weim who is brill with my 2 horses we also gave 2 old cats and he would never harm them.

Photo My son is in college in an apartment and wants a Weim. I am afraid he would not get enough exercise

I have a Weim and I'm a Senior in college. I've had her for two years. I leave her inside my apartment while I'm in class, and try to take her to the dog park at least 4 times a week.

Photo I have a 3 month old Weim, who seems to be having anxiety problems. Can't be left along or he crys t

Thats pretty normal, my weimaraner, when it was just a puppy went right through the basement door, it was only a hollow core door, but the dog had ripped it up and then started on the outside door. T

Photo I have a weimaraner that is very timid and shys around people. had her a yr. and has not been abused

The big problem is you haven't socialized your dog when she was a pup.Socializing a pup is very important.I don't know about other people but when she will be get used to your husband,she will be not

Photo I have a four month Weim that bites a lot. I'm worried since I have a six year old at home and a gr

During our dog training with our Weim who also used to bite like all dogs do at that age, they are teething and will chew anything. The dog school used a little water squirter, when the dog started b

Photo Hello everyone, We recently rescued a 3 month weim pup from a young couple in our area who didnt

My little boy weighs in at 82 pounds, he is full muscle!!

Photo My weimaraner just had puppies about three and a half weeks ago. I was just curious when the stomach

Normaly no. The more she is bred the more it will sag. I'm sorry to tell you that. :(

Photo Our weim is terrified of water, but our jack russel loves it. Can we do anything to help Pooter? I s

hi, you could try going in the water with Pooter with his lead on and slowly try coaxing him in with you but make sure the water is only shallow at 1st. hope that helps

Photo I've got two weimaraners and wanted to know if anyone has any advice in regards to the fastest way t

my weim is 3 years old now . she was a little slow on the potty training but when i put papers by the back door she adapted to that very well, it took her till bout 2 years of age and a little more to

Photo My son developed astma with our last dog a springer spaniel, would a weimaraner dog re- spark it?

we have a son with a history of problems due to asthma and reactive airway disease...we have 2 weimaraners who spend most of of their time indoors with us. my son has had no problems with his allergy

Photo I have a Weim who is 12 weeks old. We have his food bowl and water elevated, however we can't find a

there are bowls made for dogs that eat too fast. It is like any other bowl but there are about 4 knobs that stick out in the middle of it. they dont hurt the dog, they are just in the way of the food.

Photo What is the oldest known Weimie? Our Sarajane will be 14 the first of January '10 and everybody keep

Wow! Congratulations! The oldest Weimaraner is 13 years old (my dog who has recently died, Benji).I really miss her.Best of luck with yours. Hope this helps :) -Sreemoyee

Photo I have a two year old female Weimaraner. She is fully trained and is spoiled rotten by our whole fam

I would highly recommend a golden retriever. They are generous and laid back by nature and all around great dogs, as far as the sex, I prefer females to males but you also have to consider if they are

Photo My fiance's dog Clyde is 7 years old. He was abused as a puppy but rescued by Kenny at around 2 year

This breed can be very difficult to train. especially when it has had a past as you described. Don't give up on him. He needs proper training, and while knowledge of other breeds is useful in most cas

Photo Is it normal for weim's to have skin tags under their armpits? do I have them removed?

You should have a vet look at these to be sure they are not tumors as they can be fatal.

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