Photo What is the life cycle of a Yorkshire Terrior?

I'm not sure what your asking but they typically live for 12-15 years. Although, I've heard of them making it to 17 years. They have plenty of engergy but start to slow down a little bit around 8 yea

Photo I just got a female yorkie ( 14 weeks old.)and have male yorkie( 1 year) too. And She is pottying mo

Hi i`m thinking maybe the female will follow the trained male yorkie and when he goes you let the female go woth him this way it will teach her to go to the toilet outside, i have rescued a yorkshire

Photo What do you do when their hair[or coat] makes you allergic?

Their coat is supposed to be silk and not fur so it's kind of like human hair. So you shouldn't be allergic to this breed.

Photo How many times a day should they be feed?

for a 2 month old to a 5 month old yorkie pup 4 small meals a day isfine try giving them 1 meal a day from 1year and up

Photo we have our yorkies in a cage at night to sleep,and they bark. they just started doing this! does an

I think maybe they're getting used to sleeping. Small dogs like this are active and can't stay put. Maybe to train them, try exhausting them before bed time. This should get the tired out and make the

Photo I am thinking about purchasing a yorkie for my daughter but have heard from a few people they are ve

Well, maybe half true. Usually this is common in most small dogs. First of all, they don't have a large blatter to hold all that fluid. But if your up to it, take them out every few hours. This should

Photo My yorkie is 10 months old and has just started dragging his butt across the floor(carpet i should s

Clear the anal glands which can get gummed up.

Photo We have a 8 month old shiba inu and we are trying to decide if the yorkie would get along with it. b

You probably could...just dont put them together like the first day or two just in case they dont get along,let them sniff each other under supervision.. when you think they're ready you can let them

Photo How do you teach them (if they bark alot) to stop barking?? I dont have one yet... But I'm looking f

The Yorkshire terrier is not any "barkier" then any other breed. They will alert to a strange sudden sound or if a stranger arrives. But, they can also be trained upon command. What you n

Photo Do they get along with other dogs well?

yes they are very soicalable

Photo I have a yorkie that is 11 years old, and we just had our first grandbaby, and when ever a baby is a

If your Yorkie is responding positively to the baby that is a good thing. He is actually feeling the positive energy you are giving off concerning the baby and what he wants to do is give it back. Dog

Photo Hi.I have a problem with my yorkie.whenever i pick her up to put her in her play pen she pees all ov

It sounds like when you are going to pick up your Yorkie, she is submitting and nervous. Reason why she is peeing on you and everywhere. You need to show her that when she is going to be picked up it

Photo My wife and I have an Olde English Bulldogge (a bit over a year old) and I just got my wife a yorkie

I have an Aussie mix and brought a baby Yorkie in the home. He seemed to know that she is a baby and has been very gentle with her. Now she is abt 7 months old and occasionally I need to let him now t

Photo My 18 months mini yorkshire girl in 3 months went from gorgeous, full, luster coat to dull, knotted

If your Yorkie had a nice coat, no problems, and all of a sudden changed, there is deffinately a problem. One of 2 things comes to mind - Health problem or her Diet. She is either missing out on

Photo what kind of food will help a yorkie get a fuller coat?

We switched our 10 year old Yorkie to Life's Abundance dog food to help with her digestion and it helped a lot, the added bonus is her coat is thicker and healthy looking now.

Photo Hi, I have a 1 year old yorkie female. my family and I are so concerned over her because shes's bee

One of our Yorkies suddenly developed dry, itchy skin like your describing. It was just out of the blue for no reason. We tried various shampoos for itching, took him to the vet, etc. Then we changed

Photo I have a 10 year old Female Yorkie and my husband wants to get a 10 week old Female Shiba Inu puppy.

I have a six year old yorkie and an 8 month old Shiba Inu. They both get along well. The yorkie keeps the baby Shiba in line by biting him on the snout. Shiba Inu's are high energy dogs and are very

Photo My 5 month old yorkie has a horable smell to his face - his tears and nose smell so bad. The vet sa

Hi There, Make sure your Yorkie doesn't have to much hair around his eyes. That will cause a terrible smell. Get the hair trimmed around his eyes. Dampen a tea bag and squeeze most of the tea out. gen

Photo We have noticed that when we take our Yorkie in the car he barks the whole time we are going somewhe

Your dog is probably just excited to be going on a car ride. You can try to calm him down with some exercise before taking him out. That might quiet him a bit.

Photo I was wondering if my puppy coat will change colour as her current coat is black/tan?

all yorkies are born black and tan, the color will change. to keep a nice coat with good color, use a good diet. i use royal canin breed specific or in door toy diets. dont bathe yorkies to much but a

Photo My Yorkie puppy is 12 weeks old and weighs 1.5 pounds. I have been free feeding her but she poops a

You shouldn't free feed her. Feed in the morning 1/2 cup. Then at lunch 1/4 cup and dinner should be 1/2 cup. If the food is advanced nutrition (meaning: not puppy chow or pedigree) I'm talking ab

Photo can my yorkie eat table food

Dogs are not people. They should never be offered what we have on our plates. This confuses them when it comes to who is the boss.

Photo my yorkie puppy is almost 11 months old and his ears still dont stand, is it too late to do anything

Nothing should be done. If the cartilage comes in a bit late then so be it. Don't go surgically altering your dog just so it's ears stand up.

Photo My female yorkie weighs 6 pounds and my male weighs 8 pounds but is shorter in length and heighth th

the best scenario would be is for the male to be smaller as the male determines the sie of the puppies

Photo my yorkie is 4 months and i have a germansheppard 5 years whos very jelouse is it safe to introduce

I also have a yorkie who is now 6 months old and a 2 year old german shepherd. The vet told me that the longer you keep them apart the more they are curiouse about each other so with fear, I finally i

Photo I have just gotten a twelve week old Yorkie and he humps everything and everyone. Is there anythng

I have a 5 month old Yorkie and a month or so ago she started the same behaviour. I asked the vet about it because obviously it can't be sexual in a puppy as young as mine or yours. She explained to m

Photo I have a 6 mo. old male yorkie that is having issues house training. Could I try a litter box?

I wouldnt try a litter box, its best if you take her to the same spot everytime and if she trys to wander off onto the concrete or wherever put her back on the grass. Sometimes you just have to have p

Photo my male 6 month old yorkie seems large. 12lbs 11inches tall, floor to back and 16 inches long from b

your pup is probably a silky terrier. they are basically the same thing other then the silky is bigger

Photo my 10 month old male yorkie has started whining constantly... what's wrong?
Photo How old can a female yorkie be and still carry pups?

Not younger than 1 yr old and after her second heat. And the oldest i am not sure ask your vet.But then again , why would you breed her, there are millions of dogs in shelters that need homes. Includi

Photo 1 year old yorkie keeps dragging bum on carpet and cant last a night without doing her business insi

she has worms get her checked or she an abstuctive boul movement

Photo Why do Yorkies sometimes stink?

The Yorkie's coat produces natural oils that can make the dog get kind of stinky, even after only a few days without a bath. BUT if the dog's skin continues to smell even right after a bath this might

Photo why does my yorkie smell even after a bath?
Photo is a yorkie good for a family of two pretean girls and their father who live in a town house?

A yorkie is going to be a great dog for an appartment living.But yorkies are not good left at home by themselves. They need constant companionship. If no one will be home most of the day either get an

Photo i have an 9 week old puppy how do i get him to stop nipping and chasing our feet and ankles ?

Lots of Yorkies do that. When he's does it scold him by saying 'no' in a firm voice. If he dosent quit say it again and tap his nose. Keep tapping his nose until he lets go. If he still dosent let go

Photo can you flat iron a yorkie?

i advise not to , if it moves it can be seriously hurt

Photo My yorkie keeps attacking my siberian husky and I can tell the husky is getting mad. He sometimes ch

My yorkie also tries to attack my huski/germ. shep. mix dog and he gets mad but when she tries to attack your huski, grab your lil one, hold it down and let the other dog sniff it for awhile.. you hol

Photo My yorkie has a runny nose and has been sneezing. This started when we put in hardwood floors. She
Photo My 5 month old yorkie is only eating once a day. What could be wrong?

Yorkies are tiny puppies. Therefore they have tiny tummys. It may just be that or shes getting into something else, or just not hungry

Photo My dog has a runny eye, not sure what's wrong with it. It is just her left eye.
Photo I have a 4 week old Teacup yorkie and I believe she was penetrated by my 4 month old yorkie. What ha

You should put a belly band on your male yorkie , If you can not monitor them all the time. It will hurt the baby. If she is small she should not be breed or she may not be able to carry or deliver th

Photo My Yorkie is 4.5 months and she is getting good about going out to potty but I have to be outside wi

I have four yorkies and they are all the same way. Try giving a small treat once you get them t o go out, But remember a small dog should never be let out side unattended.They can be great pray for pr

Photo I have a 3 month old yorkie-poo, I have just noticed that he is losing hair on his hind legs. Any id

well, I've heard of this before. You need to take him to a doctor. He may have a very bad deadly disease. You need to feed him milk I think it is. You may want to look it up on the internet. But, you

Photo My 5 year old yorkie sleeps all the time. I'd say he's asleep more then he's this normal

Only if he is very young if he is not really young, then it is not normal behavior. if he is older than about 9 to 10 months old, he should be very very hyper.

Photo Why does my Yorkie smell so much? He is 10 months old. Is this breed known for a stench?

I think that you should get a really good shampoo and wash him more. It may help...

Photo I am torn between getting a Chihuahua or a Yorkshire, can anyone tell me the pros and cons so I can

Pros on yorkies: super loving, smart, high energy. Cons: coat requires daily brushing, hard to house train.

Photo My Yorkie barks like crazy for no reason if people walk across the street. How can I stop him from d


Photo My 11 month male yorkie's pee stinks,why?
Photo My yorkie terrier barks and goes crazy at the site of the vacumm cleaner and the iron/ironing board.
Photo I have a 2.5 year old Yorkie, I am trying to introduce a new 10 week old male Yorkie puppy into our

I had the exact same issue 3 weeks ago.. brought in an 11 wk old pup to a 3 yr old female yorkie// my 3 yr old was very scared & mad she went upstairs & wouldn't come near the puppy & wou

Photo I just adopted a yorkie female, I do not know her age. Introduced her to my chiweenie and a gentle p
Photo I have a 3 year yorkie and he get really out of control when my grand baby comes over, can you tell

A dog that gets hyper when around kids could mean a few things. If you are talking excited /happy thats normal. If you are talking upset when someone comes into your house like a child, If the dog doe

Photo My yorkie is 2years old and was always very hyper and playful. Lately for no reason he has become m

After they reach around 2 yrs old they calm down. They are now adults,If not acting sick try not paying to much attention to them ,because if you baby them like with thunder ect. They think it is oka

Photo what does it mean when a dog rubs his butt on the carpet?

It could mean a few things. One may be worms or the anal glands could be blocked,I also have seen dogs with fleas doing that. Take her to the vet if nothing else.

Photo The hair on my Yorkie pup's head & ears gets oily. How can I control that between baths.
Photo I have had a yorkie since she was 8wks old she is now 10mths and i have just got another 8wk old yor

well, it sounds like jealousy that now the new baby is getting all of the attention. She show her lots of attention. Try giving them both treats at the same time. It might take a little time but hopef

Photo 1st litter i have a yorkie had 1 pup born dead and was the only pup now she wants to carry a toy thi
Photo 1st litter i have a yorkie had 1 pup born dead and was the only pup now she wants to carry a toy thi

It's sounds like your dog is grieving or under some sort of distress. It would be a good idea to take a visit to the veterinarian's.

Photo Hi I have a 6lb. yorkie. I just noticed inside both of her ears there are black spots. I'm not sure

The black spots are completely normal.

Photo hey my dog hunter has a red line with 2 bumps that are also red on his belly and i am conserned and

Its ok if your dog has that.Its normal and it will not hurt your dog. Your dog is ok with it and he will always be ok it.

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