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Cava-Tzus are extremely intelligent dogs. Most agree they have a cute face from puppyhood to adulthood. They are a very playful and active breed and enjoy lots of attention. After a big play they will sleep for ages, this does not change as they reach adulthood. They are very loyal and make great companion dogs. They train easily but be patient with potty training as this does take them a little longer. They enjoy being with children but watch young ones as they are very good jumpers when excited. Cava-Tzus are friendly, affectionate and loving beautiful dogs. They are easily spoilt because of their big eyes, which they inherit from the King Charles.

They are lovable dogs

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This breed is intelligent and generally very happy. They are easy to train. They get along well with children and other dogs if properly socialized from birth.

They are also very lovable I love them mine is named Chewy so ya

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18 pounds
small dog, 2 foot long
9-11 inches
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10-16 pounds
10-18 pounds
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General Health

Very good

The cava tzu is a low maintenance dog and it very great so ups you skneob djfkd

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They are very easy to maintain. Their smooth silky hair rarely knots and needs clipping every two to three months.

Many Cara-Tzus have curly hair on their ears like the King Charles Cavaliers. Most owners prefer to visit the groomer on a regular basis as these areas are prone to small knots. A 'slicker brush' is ideal for the overall grooming of their coat. Most owners prefer groomers that scissor cuts their coat rather than shave. This gives the coat a nicer look and is not as harsh as clipping. Professional grooming is advisable every 6-8 weeks. Because Cava-Tzu's are primarily an inside dog they should be bathed at least every 2 weeks in a hypoallergenic shampoo. Their skin is sensitive so be careful as to what shampoo and conditioner is used. Other than their coat, the Cava-Tzu only needs love, affection and a good diet. Cava-Tzu's love food and some owners choose to feed a well balanced diet of fresh meat. A homemade cooked meal of beef or chicken with a mixture of vegetables with either rice or pasta is a great alternative to canned food as it can be high in fat and salt. The addition of a good quality Omega 3 supplement can be added to their food. This is great for the general health of your dogs coat and for the treatment of arthritis and skin conditions. A bone every 2-3 weeks is a must. This keeps their breath smelling nice, their teeth clean and gums healthy.

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Ideal Environment

This breed thrives in any sized home even apartments. They require several leash walks a day.

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My Cava-Tzu does not seem to have an appetite. I am in the process of changing to a better quality dog food which I plan to take two weeks of gradually adding small amounts as not to upset his stomach. Is it common for this breed not to be interested in eating at times?

My 8 month old doesn't seem to have a big appetite either. I tired a holistic brand when he was little then gradually changed to Iams, when he wouldn't eat that I started him on Little Bites. He eats it slowly, takes a few nuggets and eats them then goes back for more later. I keep it out for him, that way I know he is eating. Be sure to limit treats.

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