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Its coat is golden brown.

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The Griffonshire may present any combination of Yorkshire Terriers and the Brussels Griffon temperament. They can be very quiet, sweet and loving. They are occasionally playful and may have burst of energy.

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8-11 inches
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5-15 pounds
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General Health

This breed may be prone to bronchitis and an assortment of lung problems inherited from the Griffonshire.

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They are low maintenance. Some may inherit the wiry coat of the Brussels or the smooth coat of the Yorkie. They do not shed and a brush or comb once or twice a week is all that is needed to remove dead hair. They have very little odor if any, although because they have the beard like the Brussels it tends to get dirty when they are eating and may require you to wipe down the mouth and beard area occasionally.

The coat may be a combination of the wiry Brussels and the smooth Yorkie. Occasional trips to the groomer are needed to trim the feet, face, belly and private areas.

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Ideal Environment

Griffon Shires are very energetic and it's recommended they have a large yard to roam. If a yard is not available, several daily leash walks will be required. Also consider frequent trips to the dog park.

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My Griffinshire seems to suffer from low self esteem. He always needs to be reassured that he is loved. He will compete and fight with my teacup Yorkie for my attention. He seems jealous of the other dogs and wants all my attention for himself. If he is sitting in my lap he will get mad at my other dogs for coming into his personal space with me. Why is he so needy or all Griffins this needy?

Are you sure it is low self esteem? It sounds like he is developing an alpha (dominant) personality. I would recommend a puppy training class it will help socialize him and teach him to be stop the aggression towards your other dog. Our Griffinshire has not displayed this behavior so I don't know that it is a breed issue.


My Griffonshire runs from everyone that comes into our house. He runs into a secure place and will hide from everyone. He is scared of everyone. Is this normal behavior?

Our Griffonshire is the exact opposite and loves everyone, he will leave with the mailman or anyone that comes to the door if you let him. How old is he? Has this been a behavior that he exhibited since he was a puppy as well? Ours is 6 months and we try to get him out regularly to be around other people and dogs so that he does not become nippy or scared of people.

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