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Mauxie is a cross breed between Dachshund and Maltese. They have a lean body with soft and long fur coats. Mauxie gets their fine-boned feature from Maltese and lean body from Dachshund. They have round eyes, hairy ears, and long tails. Mostly they have a narrow skull, medium sized muscles, and short legs. They are easy to train and are suitable for any home type. Regular maintenance is important for Mauxie to maintain its good health. These playful dogs are loyal and friendly as they catch up with other pets easily. They are not good for keeping in households with young ones.

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They are fearless by nature and show their attitude when required. Sometimes they tend to become bossy and engage with other big dogs. When looked after properly, Mauxie show a generous nature of love and care towards dogs and pets when appropriately guided. Personally, Mauxie prefers older kids who play with them without tugging on their tails and fur too much. Sometimes, they become angry and do not entertain being pushed. Mauxies can become playful, reserved, and shy when some across any stranger

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7-9 inches
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15-18 pounds
If miniature, then 4-8 pounds.
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General Health

Generally a fit breed the major concerns which might affect the dog include Cryptorchidism, Patent Ductus Arteriosus, Glaucoma and Intervertebral Disk Disease Canine. Other minor concerns include Deafness, Shaker Dog Syndrome and Cataracts.

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Maltese, one of the parents of Mauxie, was originated from Malta. But some theories tell that through archeological finding there is evidence of Maltese found in Egypt and Greece.

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Most Mauxies will need to visit the groomer about every six weeks and need bathing every three weeks. They do not need excessive brushing as their fur is soft and rarely mats.

Mauxies have medium to long fur, but they are not dense like long coats of Maltese. They require daily grooming because they can trap waste in their fur. If they are left uncombed, they will develop mats that can lead to discomfort. It is extremely important that Mauxies should get proper brushing every day along with professional grooming for every 6 to 12 week. While bathing should be done only after the pup gets dirty. Teeth and ears require regular cleaning to avoid bad smell, and it prevents infection or disease. Nails require trimming in every 6 to 12 weeks.

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Ideal Environment

This breed loves people and children. They enjoy long walks or rides in the car. They should get plenty of exercise in a fenced yard. It's a good idea to socialize them with as many people and dogs as possible.

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Does this breed shed? Does the Mauxie breed bark or whine?

My mauxie sheds very little. If he is brushed once a week, the hair comes out in the brush and I never find any on the furniture or floor. He is an alert barker.. if he hears voices outside or if the doorbell rings, he will bark. But it's not an excessive bark and as soon as the door is answered he will stop. He doesn't whine or howl at all. He is really the sweetest, most well behaved dog I have ever had. He is good with kids - but not a huge fan of the cats in the neighborhood. I'm sure if he grew up with one he would be fine. I would recommend a mauxie to anyone.


If my mauxie puppy is 6 lbs at 5 1/2 monthes will she grow very much bigger then that?

I thought my Mauxie was going to weigh about 8-10 lbs.. He is now a year old and weighs about 13-14 lbs.. Great dog ! Loves everyboody and has lots of personality. He is very intelligent..

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