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(Biewer Yorkie, Biewer Yorkshire) The Biewer is a long-haired toy terrier with a neat, compact frame and a sturdy build. Despite its small size, the body of the Biewer is powerful and well-proportioned. The breed’s long-haired coat hangs straight down the sides of the body and from the base of the skull to the end of the tail. The breed’s coat will usually grow until it reaches the ground. It is glossy, shiny, and silky in texture. Existing coat colors for the Biewer include white (or blue-white), broken or solid blue, and black. Brown and white markings on the face and chest are often present. The head should feature white, blue, and gold markings that are symmetrical.

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The Biewer is a toy-sized dog with a big personality. They are eager and adventurous, and they have a tendency towards jovial mischief. They are courageous, loyal, and full of vivacious energy. They are affectionate towards their master, but they can be suspicious of strangers and aggressive towards strange dogs and other animals. They have a typical terrier personality. The Biewer can live happily and get along well with older children. They are demanding and rely on consistent amounts of human attention and affection. They make excellent watchdogs and they will defend their territory passionately. They can get snappish if they are surprised or frightened, but they are almost always sweet, loving, and good-natured. They can be difficult to housebreak and they love to bark.

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8.5 inches
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7 pounds
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General Health

The Biewer typically lives for 12 to 15 years.

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The Biewer was initially bred from two Yorkshire Terriers that belonged to Gertrude and Werner Biewer. The breed came about in Germany on January 20th, 1984. In the Biewer’s particular litter of Yorkshire Terrier pups, a piebald Yorkshire Terrier puppy from a genetic recessive gene was born. This puppy was especially appealing to the Biewers, and through selective breeding, they were able to produce more of its kind. The puppy was originally called the “Biewer Yorkshire a la Pom Pon”. It was through these breedings that the Biewer was developed. The breed was officially recognized by the ACH in 1986.

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Most Biewer owners choose to have this breed in a “perpetual puppy cut”. This breed should be bathed at home every couple of weeks. In order to ensure a healthy coat, owners should comb the hair with a wire comb on a weekly basis.

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Ideal Environment

The Biewer can live happily in a small household or apartment if given a fair amount of daily exercise. They are a fairly active breed indoors and they are content to live without a yard. They love to go for walks and enjoy romping out in the open.

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Do any reach 8-12 pounds or so? Do they have specific health problems, in general? Is their temperment so different from Yorkies as I've had 3 and they've all loved people and other pets?

Although the standard is 4 - 7 lbs, some do indeed reach 8 - 12 lbs. There is a difference in the Yorkie and Biewer personalities. The yorkie can be more independent and stand-offish. but both are wonderful pets.

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