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The French Bulldog is a compact, small- to medium-sized dog with heavy bone structure and an overall appearance that denotes intelligence, strength, and alert curiosity. All parts of the French Bulldog are well in proportion to one another, and no single feature is excessively prominent or imbalanced in comparison to the rest of the body. The breed’s neck is thick and well-arched, and loose skin is present on the throat. Their back is strong, short, and broadest at the shoulders. They have a broad, deep chest with well-developed ribs and a moderate tuck-up. Tails of this breed are short, low-hung, and thick at the base, and they may be straight or screwed. Their forelegs are stout, well-muscled, and wide-set, and their medium-sized feet are compact and firmly set. Their strong, muscular hind legs are longer than their forelegs, so that their loins are elevated above their shoulders. Their hocks are well let-down. The head of the French Bulldog is large and square-shaped, and the top of the skull is flat between the ears. They have a slightly rounded forehead and a broad, deep muzzle with well-developed cheeks. The breed’s stop is pronounced and well-defined, and there is a hollow groove between the dog’s eyes. Heavy facial wrinkles form a soft roll over the breed’s short black nose. Their medium-sized eyes are wide-set and set low into their skull. Their elongated ears are broad at the broad at the base, high-set, and carried erect. The short-haired coat of the French Bulldog is fine, brilliant, and smooth. Coat colors for this breed include brindle, fawn, white, brindle and white, and a number of other shades. The skin of the French Bulldog is soft and loose, and it forms wrinkles around their face and shoulders.

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French Bulldogs are really cute companions and they're nother name is Francais Bulldog

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The French Bulldog is a cheerful, low-maintenance companion. They are pleasant, affectionate, and sweet, and they have a propensity to be very clownish. They are alert, curious, and even-tempered. This breed usually forms a strong bond with one person. While they are generally accepting of strangers and other animals, some males of this breed may be aggressive towards other dogs. The French Bulldog needs human companionship and attention. If left ignored or unattended for long periods of time, they can become mischievous and depressed. Although somewhat willful at times, they can be trained relatively easily by a patient owner. They are not a loud or hyper breed, but they are very enthusiastic and persistent. They get along best with older, more considerate children. A fair number of French Bulldogs have a tendency to drool and slobber.

The French Bulldog is very well behaved around children aged 5 upwards. They are gentle loving dogs that usually live between 12 and 13 years.

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12 inches
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19 - 28 pounds
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General Health

The French Bulldog is susceptible to eye and respiratory problems. If these dogs become overweight, they are likely to experience symptoms like wheezing, snoring, and troubled breathing. Because of their large heads, many female French Bulldogs deliver by Cesarean section. This breed typically lives for 10 to 12 years.

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The French Bulldog was initially developed in England by breeders who wanted to create a miniature version of the English Bulldog. In the 1860’s, some of these dogs were imported to France from Great Britain. French dog breeders crossed these miniature bulldogs with French Terriers and gave them the name “French Bulldog”. When the breed was returned to England for exhibition, the English became irate with the new name. Because the French Bulldog was originally an English breed, and because the Bulldog was a symbol of English culture, the English felt as though the name did not do their country’s efforts any justice.

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The short-haired coat of the French Bulldog requires very little grooming or upkeep. Regular brushing will help keep the coat in good condition. This breed is an average shedder.

This breed may shed lightly.

Most owners choose to wipe in between the skin folds on this breeds face in order to prevent a buildup of bacteria. Large amounts of bacteria can lead to an infection.

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Ideal Environment

The French Bulldog overheats easily and is especially sensitive to harsh weather conditions. They prefer cooler climates and should not be exercised in warm weather. They are well-suited for life in a small household or apartment, and they do not require a yard. They are a comparatively active breed indoors.

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I just got a 6 month old male and we all love him very much and he's just a great dog.. the only problem he smells... and suggestions?

Give him or her a bath. I advise talking to a vet. They have special shampoos for that and perhaps your dog smelling bad, could or may be a medical disease. but talk to a vet. they would know for sure.


Hi, I live in an apartment with no yard, although there is a dog run a few blocks away, but I also work a lot, so I thought a French Bulldog would be perfect. About the snoring - I've heard it's hit or miss, some do and some don't. Some loud, some not so loud. Anybody know if there's a way to predict a loud snorer when selecting a puppy frenchie?

A French Bulldog snoring is more prominent than not, if you have a problem with the snoring or any breathing deficiencies then I suggest they are not the breed for you. If French Bulldogs are left alone or penned up majority of the time, they tend to get depressed due to derelict. That's not just a statement, as you will notice if you do decide to purchase one and he/she is alone all the time. They are perfect for apartments. I have two frenchies and one snores more than the other, but yet they both still snore. A congenital defect with frenchies is the excessive or elongated soft palate. So, my best advice for you is to research the breed, as in reputable sources and breeders when researching.


Hi, I'm just thinking about getting a French Bulldog. How well do they get along with cats?

I have a ten year old cat and a 1 1/2 year old french bulldog. from my own experience, there was some jealousy when he was a puppy, and they did not have anything to do with each other. now, after about a year, they get along. don't expect them to be best of friends. also, depending on your cat's personality, that could be a big issue. my cat is a rescue and was with both dogs and cats in an open environment. if it is a "hide under the bed cat" your results may vary.


I have a six month old female french. I've been feeding her as much as she wants, but she's still only 11 pounds. The breeder told me that she's a runt, but I'm worried that she doesn't weigh a healthy weight. Do I have anything to worry about?

I would first recommend taking her stool sample to a vet to have them check for intestinal parisites and possibly giardia, coccidia, etc. I work for a vet so I know that a lot of puppies get these typical things which would either make them appear bloated or it can make them appear too skinny. My 10 month old Frenchie weighs about 22 lbs and he's really short and stocky. Having her spayed will also help her put on weight if there's nothing medically wrong. Hope this helped enough to at least get you started.


I have an 11 month old french who has not gone into heat. Any ideas. Whats the average age for frenchies to reach reproductive maturity?

you did not specify male or female. female can be reproductive as early as 5-6 months but that is not a good sign if she is still not reaching the appropriate weight of over 10 kg. Male shud only be reproductive after 12 months unless he has been bodily matured to the correct weight and size


I'm thinking of using one of the topical flea and tick prevention treatments but don't know any fb owners for feedback. Has anyone used these treaments and have they caused any allergies or reactions I should know about - is there a specific treatment better suited to fb's. I would prefer to use one of the well known brands, eg frontline, advantix etc

We had to call an exterminator to kill fleas and eggs in house and then treated the yard. Also go the flea pills for the dogs instead of topical medicine.


when do french bulldog puppies ears stand up


Could you please help me with reasons and solutions for a frenchbulldog that stays indoors having rashes and severe hair loss?

It may be the dog food. Try a grain free dog food such as Blue Buffalo


I have my first litter of puppies and one if the puppies one ear is still hanging down. Can you tell me if it is normal and by a certain age if his ear will pop up? Thanks

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