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(Landseer Newfoundland) The Landseer Newfoundland is a large dog, there's no two ways about it. It is tall and powerful, but well proportioned. The ears are medium-sized, triangular and pendant. The eyes, small for the size of the dog, are dark brown. The muzzle is wide, short and blunt, the nose black. The feet are webbed to aid swimming. The tail is long and feathery and hangs down past the hocks. The coat is flat, oily and wavy so that it repels water, the under coat is thick and oily. The hair on the head is cut short, the rest of the coat is long and straight, although a slightly wavy coat on the back and hindquarters is not objectionable in show dogs.  Clear white is the coat's main color, with distinct black patches on the body. The head is black, with a white muzzle, and a symmetrical white blaze. 

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True Landseers are at least 65% white based on standards set forth by the AKC. Their markings are to include a black saddle and black on the rump which leads into the tail. Spots on the chest and legs are called ticking. Some ticking is expected. A white chest and legs are the ideal. Landseer Newfoundlands are generally a bit longer than the Black Newfoundlands.

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These dogs are genuine gentle giants. They are very loyal, loving and very laid back. Some even consider them lazy. Even though they are very large, they are very calm and gentle and do exceptionally well around children. They have soft mouths and never act out in aggression when around children. They love their owners and are easy to train. They will do almost anything to please their owners.

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26-32 inches
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100-150 pounds
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General Health

Like all large breeds, the Landseer is prone to hip dysplasia. A hereditary heart disease called sub‑aortic stenosis (SAS) afflicts some dogs. Properly cared for, it will live for about ten years.

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In the USA and England, the Landseer is considered to be the same breed as the Newfoundland, however in some European countries the Landseer is considered to be a totally different breed, and compete in separate classes in shows.

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The coat of the Landseer is thick and coarse, so daily brushing with a hard brush is necessary. The undercoat is shed twice a year, in the spring and fall. Bathing will strip away the coat's natural oils, so only use dry shampoo.

An oatmeal shampoo will keep the dog clean and not dry out its coat.

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Ideal Environment

Believe it or not, this huge dog will do quite well in an apartment, as it is relatively inactive and quite happy to sleep the entire day away. However, it must be exercised regularly for its own good, and not allowed to become overweight. They do well in cool climates, but are sensitive to heat. The Landseer does like to swim, and can be playful at times.

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I know they are not the perfect dog for the heat, but do you think they can tollerate it? I live in Phoenix. Can you keep their coat short in the summer? I really want one but am reluctant to get one because of their love for cooler climates.

We have a Landseer in Atlanta GA and she seems to do fine, although she is an indoor dog, and we keep a baby pool filled with water for her to play in when she is outside. Don't shave the dog, but keep the coat brushed with a pin brush (weekly at least!) and I recommend using a furminator rake for clearing out the excess undercoat that sheds. This is more important in warmer climates because having the excess shedding hair next to the skin can cause hot spots and dead spots in the coat. Use a dry shampoo as needed and you'll be good to go. Bathe monthly with an oatmeal shampoo and rinse thoroughly. They really are great indoor dogs with low low energy levels in the house. Living in AZ should not keep you from being loved by a Newfie:)


I have a wonderful Landseer. We have one problem. He has terrible allergies. We live in Texas and when we received him as a pup he looked great. Within weeks we noticed him scratching alot. Now going on a year he scratches so much that he has red blotches down his legs. Weve tried changing foods, oatmeal baths(weekly), and all different meds. Please help with any advice.

I give mine over the counter allergy pills. 50 mg It is real common and I buy the generic. it slipped my mind right now but it really helps the allergy problem. Hope this helps.


Are landseer pups feet webbed at birth or older?

Newfies' paws are webbed in utero. It's one sign of an original breed. Most water dogs' paws web as they grow.....not the newf though. Their water instinct is as strong as their instinct to belong. Even if the dog is tenative about swimming all you have to do is get him around another dog that swims. He'll get it and once the instinct is tapped good luck stopping him.


My landseer went to the lake for the first time and didn't want much to do with the water. She's 3 month's old, will she like it the older she get's or will I still be swimming by myself?

She'll get used to it when she's older.


I'm wondering about the Landseers and drooling. How do people deal with that?

All Newfies drool, but Landseers tend to drool less. Males drool more than females. The drooling can be stimulated by the site or smell of food and by excitement. When possible, remove your dog from the stimulus. ie: have your dog lay in the living room when you are eating in the dining room. Some people tie a bandana round the dog's neck like a bib.


How much does a Landseer Newfie drool?

They drool a fair amount,especially when they are warm or after they drink water.


We have a Landseer Newfie mix. She has traditional Landseer markings and webbed paws from birth, the small Newfie brown eyes, some Newfie facial features. We were told she was mixed with a Bernese Mountain Dog, and this is likely; I saw the litter, and several pups had Bernese markings. She is about 7 months old and does not drool, although her jowls are starting to droop a little. Are we in the clear, or do Newfies not start drooling until older?

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