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This breed is playful and does well with children and other dogs.

They love to chew, and will play fetch and tug of war. They will nip and / or bark, particularly when excited, and this should be discouraged.

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The Beabull loves family and to be close to its owners. They are sometimes hyper when playing but are also content to sleep the day away. Proper socialization as a puppy is important to warrant off unwanted traits. This breed can be an independent thinker and training may be difficult. For best training results, be consistent and patient. The Beabull is a vocal breed and is capable of many different types of sounds to convey thoughts and desires. This breed is even tempered and loves time with other dogs.

The beabull is very protective of their food/treats. Do not bother or tease a beabull when it is eating.

Positive reinforcement training with clickers and / or food rewards seems to work well.

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Shoulder height is between 12-16 inches.
The Beabull can range from 12-16 inches at the shoulder with the males being on the higher end of the scale.
The Beabull Breed tends to average between 12" and 16"
12-16 inches
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35-60 pounds
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General Health

They are prone to ear infections because of their long ears. This breed should be screened for joint diseases.

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The history of this designer hybrid is not known, but is believed to have originated in the U.S. To know more about the beginnings of this breed you will find the parent breeds information useful. The Beagle began as a hunting dog. It has an outstanding sense of smell. The Bulldog began in England where it was used as a spectator sport for bull baiting.

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While the mix that makes up the Beabull tends to weed out some genetic problems that are seen in English Bulldogs it is important to have regular checkups with a veterinarian to ensure that there are no breathing problems (ear problems are also another common problem). The Beabull may also inherit digestion issues from the English Bulldog and may be gassy. Many owners opt for special food bowls that slow down the Beabulls eating also alleviating gas. Dogs with wrinkles will need to be kept extra clean to avoid infections. Most owners choose to bath a Beabull once a month.

The short coat of the beabull makes caring for it very easy

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Ideal Environment

The Beabull is acclimated to apartment living and do not require large amounts of exercise. They do require daily leash walks as well as trips to the dog park. Socialization with other dogs and animals is key in rearing a well behaved dog. They love to be kenneled. Their kennel will be their area of solace.

Beabulls can get out of breath easily in the heat, especially if over-exercised. A brief walk in the shade or mild climates is ideal for beabulls,

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My dog Buster cries ALOT....he has to potty....he cries, hungry...cries, wants to go bye-bye..cries, let him go bye-bye..he cries the whole time...Does anyone else have this problem? what to do?

First of all, i empathize with you. I have the same problem with the beabul i'm fostering (which appears to be a lifer). You need to know this dog is a manipulator, and a master at it to boot! If you stay stronger than your pooch, consistanty will pay off. Try not to give in to those big brown eyes. My dog actually watches his own pathetic expressions in the mirror for practice on my emotions. I swear!


he cries continuously....has to potty..he cries, hungry..cries, wants to go bye-bye...cries, let him go bye-bye..cries, sometimes just cries and you can't figure out why he is crying...Does anyone else have this problem with this breed. I love him so much but it drives me CRAZY...he never quits...what to do ???

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