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The Chipin comes in a range of colors. The most common colors are black and tan and black, tan and white. It also comes in light cream, tan, chocolate, chocolate and tan and deep red referred to as red stag. It is a small breed that is adapted to apartment living.

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The Chinpin is playful, friendly and high energy. It is intelligent and learns new tricks easily. It is wary when meeting new people. While it isn’t aggressive, it is easily excitable. The Chinpin is loyal to its owners and protective of the household. Sometimes easily excitable, be sure to properly exercise this breed.

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8-12 inches
my chipin is 3 lb and 5 and 1/2 inch at shoulder.
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5-18 pounds
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General Health

Chipins are healthy dogs, but can have poor health traits passed down genetically. These include poor dental health, subluxating patella (where the kneecap slips out of place or dislocates completely when the dog attempts to move its leg), and problems with weight maintenance (due to high activity levels).

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Chipins are a high energy breed and need a lots of exercise. Usually they require at least one medium-to-long walk per day. If not exercised, they tend to take out their pent-up energy by running around inside and barking and even sometimes may get play a little rough with other animals. Most prefer small, bite sized kibble as their jaws are small. Some may have trouble maintaining weight due to their high energy level.

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Ideal Environment

Chipins need plenty of exercise and are not content to sit at home all day. They require little-to-no grooming, other than the occasional bath. They are small and fragile-bodied enough that homes with very small or very rambunctious children may not be suitable for them. Homes in which people are absent most of the day are not ideal, due to the Chipin being a social creature who needs the stimulation and interaction only its masters can provide. Some do well in single-pet homes and some need the company of another animal in order to flourish. Leaving this high-energy dog in a confined environment all day is likely to result in bad behavior/manners. They need to be exercised to release pent up energy.

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I just bought a dog as a mini pinscher but now im not sure its pure. can i send you a picture and you tell me if its a chipin or what. thank you

If it is the dog on your profile, it looks like my dog Jackson and he is a hybrid. His mother is a Chihuahua and his father is a MinPin. They are considered Minchi or Chipin, I suppose depending on which parent is what.


is it true that chipins snap at people

at times they do or at least mine does when its people she doesn't know she barks at them but after they get closer and want to pet her then shes playful


My dog Blacky is a chipin and he likes to roam around begging for human food and my mom and dad dont know the kind of foods he cant eat. Can you give me names of human food he is not allowed to eat?

I know from personal experience with my ChiPin and further research made online, NO raisins or grapes for sure! a small hand full of grapes can make her appear drunk or low blood sugar and could actualy destoy her liver and kill her. NO GRAPES/Raisins:) I would definately stay away from Chocolate and Garlic as well. Remember that most of the table scrapps of meat are often seasoned w garlic. (I just give my baby center cuts;)


My chipin is about 5 months and she still sorta has issues of going to the bathroom in the right room. we live in an apartment and we take her to my mothers house when we go to work and at my mothers shes seems to know where to go but at our home she doesnt. What should i do??

Keep trying and reinforceing the correct behavior. My Lucy is a ChiPin and is 13 months old, however she was a handful to potty train. These little dogs seem to be very head strong, so I believe that you it is nesscessary to be both very constant and stern!! Good luck!!


My ChiPin Tido has an eating issue and is gaining weight he gets quite a bit of exercise but he eats like he never gets fed all the time. unlike my other dogs he doesn't stop eating when he is full he will continue to search for food even after he has just finished his meal. Is there anyway to get this under control?

If you haven't taken your pup for a vet check, now is definitely the time. It sounds like the lil guy might have worms. What you described of his habits sounds like that's a good possibility. They will eat as if they have been starved half to death when they have worms. Don't be alarmed, it's quite common and very treatable. Good luck!

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