The Tamaskan Dog is a cheerful wolf-like breed. Their round heads are tipped with long muzzles and with triangular, straight ears which resembled those of a Siberian Husky. The breed’s piercing eyes are either yellow or brown.  Their compa
Height: 24-28 inches | Weight:50-84 pounds
The Tenterfield Terrier is a small active dog.  They have a medium sized head with large, bat-like ears.  The breed’s muzzle is strong and their dark, oval-shaped eyes always look attentive.  The head and neck is well balanced. &
Height: 10-12 inches | Weight:7-10 pounds
(Thai Ridgeback Dog) (Mah Thai) The Thai Ridgeback is a unique looking dog. Their name comes from the ridge on their back where its hair grows in the opposite direction to the rest of their hair. Their head is not very big compared to the rest o
Height: 20-24 inches | Weight:51-75 pounds
(Do-Khyi) The Tibetan Mastiff is a large, powerful dog. Its ears hang down in a “V” shape along the side of its massive head.  The breed’s medium-sized, dark eyes suggest its affectionate and loyal nature.  With its l
Height: 25-28 inches | Weight:140-170 pounds
The Tibetan Spaniel is a fluffy dog with a small square head and short square muzzle. The faces, which resemble the faces of Pekingese, are dominated by their large brown eyes and their medium-sized, “V” shaped ears which are folded over
Height: 10 inches | Weight:9-15 pounds
The Tibetan Terrier is a cheerful, curly haired dog. Their dark-colored eyes are hard to see because of the long hair covering most of their face. Even their short muzzle is hidden by a beard which is usually a gray color on black Tibetan Terriers. T
Height: 14-17 inches | Weight:18-30 pounds
The Titan Bull-Dogge is a perky dog with a gigantic head and a very pushed in muzzle similar to that of English Bulldogs. The area of their face between their large dark colored eyes is sunken. The breed’s forehead is heavily wrinkled, and its
Height: 17-21 inches | Weight:70-110 pounds
(Bosnian-Herzegovinian Sheepdog – Tornjak, Hrvatski pas Planinac, Croatian Mountain Dog)The Tornjak is a large fluffy dog. Both their face and muzzle is slightly square.   Their large, dark eyes sparkle with the loyalty that is a hall
Height: 23-27 inches | Weight:62-110 pounds
(Japanese Tosa, Tosa-Inu, Tosa-Ken) The Tosa is a gigantic dog with a large, strong head and a square muzzle. A large black nose sits at the end of its muzzle while below the muzzle the breed’s loose lips hang down and its muscular neck is
Height: 24 -25 inches | Weight:120-200 pounds
(American Toy Terrier, Amertoy) The Toy Fox Terrier is a small, perky dog. The first thing many notice about the breed is their bat-like ears which stand straight up on their petite heads.  Compared to the rest of their tiny heads, their ea
Height: 10 inches | Weight:3-7 pounds
(Caniche) (Chien Canne) (Tea Cup Poodle) The Toy Poodle is a small fluffy dog whose most distinctive characteristic is its curly, puffy fur that covers its entire body. The fur can come in a large variety of solid colors, including white and bla
Height: 10 inches | Weight:6-9 pounds
The Treeing Walker Coonhound is a sleek athletic dog with a smooth coat that should look sleek similar to the coat of a Beagle. The breed can come in black, tan, and white or in a combination of any two of those colors. Their head is small with a lon
Height: 20-27 inches | Weight:50-70 pounds
The Taco Terrier resembles both the Chihuahua and the Fox Terrier. Most have a redish, fox-like tint on their brown/tan hair. Their ears are pointed like that of the Chihuahua set on the athletic body of the Fox Terrier.
9-10 inches | 6-10 pounds
2 Inches | 1.9 pounds
The Toy Poxer has a wrinkly forehead with large eyes. The tail is curly and the coloring is normally fawn. Most have white paws and black muzzles. The coat is short and easy to groom. They are minimal to medium shedders.
| 12 pounds
Tzu Bassets have a long body with short legs. Some may have an under bite which is inherent in their Shih Tzu relative.
| 15-20 pounds

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