The Maltese is a toy dog with a compact build and an overall appearance that denotes vigor, eagerness, and affection. The height from the dog’s withers to the ground is equal to the length from the dog’s withers to the tail. They have slo
Height: 8 – 10 inches | Weight:4 – 7 pounds
(Min Pin, Zwergpinscher) The Miniature Pinscher is a well-balanced, short-coupled dog with a sturdy, compact build and a proud, vigorous appearance. They are animated and full of spirit, and they are naturally very alert and well-groomed. The br
Height: 10 – 12 inches | Weight:8 – 10 pounds
(Zwergschnauzer, Mini Schnauzer) The Miniature Schnauzer is a hardy, robust, terrier-type dog with an alert, lively disposition. They are sturdy and robust, and their build is nearly square in proportion. Their body is well-boned, short, and dee
Height: 12 – 14 inches | Weight:10 – 15 pounds
(English Mastiff)The Old English Mastiff is one of the most massive and powerful dog breeds, with a very solid build. The head is heavy-boned and square, with a short muzzle, and distinctive dewlaps and flews ("the pendulous lateral parts of a d
Height: 27 - 32 inches | Weight:150 - 200 pounds
(Mini Australian Shepherd) (Toy Australian Shepherd) (Mini Aussie) (Tea Cup Australian Shepherd)  The Miniature Australian Shepherd comes in blue or red merle, red or black tri-color, each with white or tan markings. They also come in Bi-color l
Height: 14-18 inches | Weight:20 - 35 pounds
(Mini Fox Terrier) (Mini Foxi) (Mini Foxie) The Miniature Fox Terrier breed is known as the 'Mini Foxie' in its native Australia. There are only three permitted color combinations: black and white, tan and white, and tri color (black, wh
Height: 9.5-12 inches | Weight:7.7-12 pounds
Whether the Mi‑Ki is a new breed or simply a new type is still being debated in dog circles, as it was first created in 1991 and there is not a lot of breeding stock yet, nor has a standard been agreed upon.  They come in two coat varieti
Height: 10 ‑ 11 inches | Weight:10 pounds
(Mini Aussie Bulldog) The Miniature Australian Bulldog has a strong body, solid and compact.  The head is described as a "box on a box," the box of the muzzle being attached to the box of the head. The head therefore should be ver
Height: 14 inches | Weight:30 pounds
(Caniche) The Miniature Poodle has a long head, with long, wide pendant ears that lie close to its face, framing  eyes of black or brown, which have a lively expression. The head is set on a solid, slightly arched neck. The legs seem to be
Height: 11-15 inches | Weight: 15-17 pounds
(Mioritic Shepherd Dog)The Mioritic Sheepdog is a massive breed from Romania, looking even larger with its abundant long and fluffy light-colored coat over a dense undercoat. The basic color is usually white, cream or pale gray, occasionally with pat
Height: 25-29 inches | Weight:100-150 pounds
(Moskovskaya Storodzevay Sobaka) The Moscow Watchdog resembles a St. Bernard, from which it is descended. It is a massive breed - massive head, powerful body and legs, with a thick coat. The coat is always red and white, with a black mask across
Height: 25-27 inches | Weight:100-150 pounds
The Mountain Cur is a stocky, powerful working dog, with a short but heavy coat, with a soft fine undercoat. Coat colors include yellow, brindle, black, brindle & black, often with white points. This Cur has a strong, wide head, with folded-over
Height: 18-26 inches | Weight:30-60 pounds
The Mountain View Cur resembles a hound. They run from a light blond to a rich dark yellow in color, although some are brindle, all black, or black and brindle. Almost all will have white points on their chest, feet, and/or muzzle. The coat can be ei
Height: 18-26 inches | Weight:30-60 pounds
(Treeing Feist) The Mountain Feist has a short, smooth coat. The coat colors include red and white; red, black and tan; blue and white; red brindle, and white. The skull is slightly rounded, the face wedge shaped. The ears are wedge-shaped, and
Height: 10-22 inches | Weight:10-30 pounds
The Mucuchies is a rare breed from Venezuela, looking rather like a collie, with a short coat and feathering on the legs. The coat color is either all white, or white with splashes of other colors - honey colored, or shades of black ranging down to g
Height: 22-28 inches | Weight:66-110 pounds
(Hungarian Mudi) (Canis Ovilis Fenyesi)The Mudi (plural, Mudik) is a Hungarian breed, and rather rare. The breed has a unique-looking coat, with short hair on the face, and dense wavy curls everywhere else. The Mudi comes in colors including black, w
Height: 14-20 inches | Weight:18-29 pounds
(English Toy Terrier, Toy Manchester Terrier) The Manchester Terrier, which resembles a Doberman Pinscher (but is not related) is divided into two varieties, the Toy and the Standard in North America. (In England, these are considered two separa
Height: 10-12 inches | Weight:17-18 pounds
(Maremma) (Pastore) (Abruzzese) (Cane da Pastore) (Maremmano-Abruzzese) (Cane Da Pastore Maremmano Abruzzese) (Abruzzese Shepherd Dog)The Maremma Sheepdog is a massive breed, with a bear-like head carried with a regal air. The ears are V-shaped, set
Height: 23-28 inches | Weight:66-100 pounds
The Miniature Littlefield Sheepdog has a soft and dense outer coat, with long and wavy hair, with an inner coat serving as insulation. Coat colors consist of apricot, black brindle, black and tan,  black and white, liver, liver and white, 
Height: 9-12 inches | Weight:13-18 pounds
(Hollandse Tulphond) (Dutch Tulip Hound)The Markiesje has a long, silky black coat, sometimes with white markings. The tail and legs are feathered. The ears are long and pendant.
Height: 16 inches | Weight:13 pounds
The Mal Shi is a small compact dog that is multi colored with black, brown and white.
11-16 inches | 8-15 pounds
As with all mixed breed dogs, a Malchi can look more like a Maltese or more like a Chihuahua. Some are a perfect mix between the two breeds and have the longer hair of the Maltese with the pointed ears of the Chihuahua. They are not quite as big as
12-14 inches | 5-12 pounds
Because the Morkie is a pedigree mix, it is hypoallergenic! That means it is perfect for anyone with a dog allergy.
Height: 8-10 inches | Weight:3-7 pounds
Also spelled Malti Poo.
Height: 14 inches | Weight:5-15 pounds
Malteagle is a chubby, playful, and friendly natured dog which is a mixed bred of Beagle and Maltese, the two purebred dogs. Its traits are similar to that of its parent as it has got its smooth coat from Maltese and its color pattern from Beagle. Ma
1 foot tall, small dog breed | 15-22 lbs
The malti-pin may vary in dufferent colors. Some can turn to a yellowish-white color or black and brown and start to turn grey as they age. these dogs are born of all colors and fur density, but the white ones , are the pick of the littler.
| They should go up to around 9-11 pounds, anything less or more wouldnt be very good.
THe maltichon is a wonderful mix of both worlds. It posesses the kind and playful temperment of the maltese with the wonderfully wavy and non shedding hair of the bichon. It is smaller in size than an average bichon frise, weighing in at 8 to 10 pou
12 inches | 8-13 pounds
Maltipoms are a mix between a Maltese and a Pomeranian. The ears are the size of a Maltese but they stand up like a Pomeranian. The hair is smooth like a Pomeranian but long like a Maltese. These dogs average 5-8 pounds full grown. They do come in a
| 3-8 pounds
32-36 inches tall at the shoulders. | 100-130 pounds
Masti-Bull is a giant hybrid dog and a crossbreed of Mastiff and the American Bulldog. They come in variety of colors depending upon the color of the dominant parent breed. It features light tan or cream color. Even some Mastiff possesses black marki
28-32 inches | 100-130 lbs
Mauxie is a cross breed between Dachshund and Maltese. They have a lean body with soft and long fur coats. Mauxie gets their fine-boned feature from Maltese and lean body from Dachshund. They have round eyes, hairy ears, and long tails. Mostly they h
7-9 inches | If miniature, then 4-8 pounds.
The Meagle tends to resemble the Miniature Pinscher when young but develop into a mix with short legs. Their markings resemble that of the Miniature Pinscher. This breed has short and medium length hair that does not require brushing. Shedding is not
| 18-25 pounds
His ears lie high close to their head and are semi-folded. He has muzzles that range from medium to long in size. He has brown eyes in almond shape, but sometimes they differ in color like hazel, amber, and blue. The Mini Shephterrier has long bodies
13-17\" | 15-25lbs
They are short sized dogs with a broad skull, thick-set body, and short legs. Similar to their parents, this breed also has a short muzzle, which makes it difficult for them to breathe. Their eyes are large, round, and dark located at the lower side
14-16 inches | 20-45 lb
Both the parent breeds possess dark eyes; the Dachshund have almond shape while Bulldogs have round ones. There is the difference between their ears as Bulldog has short, ears with high on the head folding downwards for joining the skull outline and
11-12\" | 37 pounds
This breed is a cross between the French Bulldog and the Miniature Bull Terrier. This breed is recommended for older children as they love playing with their owners. But they are not very fond of other pets, specially when it comes to sharing their f
10-14 inches | 23-30 lbs.
10-12in tall | Small 8-16lbs
They are a cross between the Standard Schnauzer with smaller breeds, such as the Pomeranian, Poodle, and perhaps the Miniature Pinscher. This is a friendly, obedient, friendly, and high spirited breed. This breed is advised for families having elder
10 -14 inches. | 10-18 lbs.
Has hair so needs trimming usually doesn't shed
10-12 pounds | 11-18 pounds
They are double coated with coarse and sometimes silky hair. They have the nose of the Pug with bulging eyes. Most of beards and floppy ears.
14-17 inches | 10-25 pounds
10-12 inches | 20 pounds
The Mountain Bulldog is a cross breed between the Bernese Mountain Dog and the English Bulldog. These dogs are muscular and strong. But for those who have met them would agree that they are quite playful and friendly dogs. They are considered as a go
22-26 inches | 80-90 lbs.
The Mountain Mastiff, a very large dog and is a mix of the Mastiff and the Bernese Mountain Dog. These large dogs are intelligent, loyal, affectionate, and kind to their owners. They are perfect as guard dogs as they are wary of strangers and would d
28-38 inches. | 150-200 lbs
The Muggin is a happy, playful, and energetic dog. These dogs require a lot of activity and develop a close bond with owners. They get along with other dogs, pets, and even with small children, making them a complete family pet. They are difficult to
10-14 inches. | 12-22 lbs.
The Muscle Mastiff is cross between the Dogue de Bordeaux and the Mastiff. This breed has an average weight of 144 to 190 pounds once fully grown, and these dogs have strong, broad bodies and big heads. This breed, although large in size, is loving a
27-33 inches. | 144-190 lbs

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