(Weimaraner Voerstehhund, Grey Ghost, Weims) The Weimaraner is a medium-sized dog with elegantly defined features and an aristocratic appearance. Their image is one of speed and grace, and their expression is alert and self-assured. Their back i
Height: 22 – 27 inches | Weight:50 – 70 pounds
(Welsh Springer) (Welshie)The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a sporty-looking dog.  Their medium-size bodies are covered in smooth, thick fur which should not be curly. Around the breed’s chest, legs, and tail, their white and dark red fur feat
Height: 16-19 inches | Weight:35-45 pounds
The Welsh Terrier is a compact, rugged-looking dog with a friendly and courageous appearance.    Their wiry coat covers a square-shaped body, emphasized by the docked tail carried upright from their back.  The coat comes in one ma
Height: 15 inches | Weight:20 to 21 pounds
(Westie)The big eyed West Highland White Terrier is a small dog covered in fluffy, white fur. The hair on their bodies is close to the skin while the hair on their legs and under their bellies is loose and thick. One of their most distinguishing char
Height: 9-12 inches | Weight:13-22 pounds
(Otterhoun, Dutch Spaniel, Frisian Water Dog)The Wetterhoun is a rugged, yet graceful breed. It has a curly coat which covers its whole body, except the head which is smooth coated. The coat comes in several colors:  black and white, liver and w
Height: 21-23 inches | Weight:33-44 pounds
(Snapdog)Whippets are elegant but sturdy dogs. With their small and slender bodies, they resemble miniature Greyhounds. Their coat, which can come in many solid or blended colors, is sleek and thin.  Like Greyhounds, their bodies are narrow and
Height: 18-22 inches | Weight:25-45 pounds
(Wire Fox Terrier, Fox Terrier Wire Coat, Wire) The Wirehaired Fox Terrier is a unique looking breed. Its most distinctive feature is its long muzzle ending in a wiry beard.  Like its beard, the rest of the breed’s coat is also wiry b
Height: 13-16 inches | Weight:13-20 pounds
(Griffon d'arrêt à poil dur Korthals, French Wire-Haired Korthals Pointing Griffon) Wirehaired Pointing Griffons are medium sized dogs whose thick eyebrows, beards, and mustaches give their faces a unique personality. Their medi
Height: 20-24 inches | Weight:50-60 pounds
(Wirehaired VEESH-la) (Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla, Hungarian Wire-haired Pointing Dog, or Drotzörü Magyar Vizsla)The cheerful Wirehaired Vizsla is a medium to large breed dog. They have a rough, dull, russet gold coats and water repellant
Height: 21-25 inches | Weight:40-60 pounds
The Wauzer's color can be similar to the Westie or Schnauzer. The coat has a dense under coat and long wire hair. The breed is considered non-shedding. Ears can either flop over like the Schnauzer or stand up like the Westie.
7-13 inches | 12-18 pounds
As they are terriers they enjoy being able to dig and having long grass to play in.
As Westie's and Bichon's are reletively the same size, a Wee-Chon will not differ much from that. | For a fit Wee-Chon, an owner should be able to feel the outline of the ribs with a small amount of flesh covering them.
15-17 inches | 20-30 pounds
7-12 inches | 15-20 pounds
The coat may be hard and short like the Weimaraner or a coat that is curlier like that of the Poodle. The coat of the Weimaraner may also be a mix of the two. There is also typically a range of colors that include apricot, white and black, depending
Height: 20-27 inches | Weight:45-70 pounds
the wesh i generally looks like a westie with shih tzu ears and tail.although parents consist of white westies and tan/white shih tzus they are mainly a medium brown.whites seem to be the exception rather than the norm although white patches are not
About 30cm height |
Also known as a Swheat-N-Poo.
| 30-45 pounds

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