(Ainu Inu, Ainu-Ken, Hokkaido Dog, Hokkaido, Hokkaidoken) Still Pending....
Height: Still Pending.... | Weight:Still Pending....
(Hairless Khala Medio) (Pila) (Hairless Khala Grande)The Hairless Khala looks similar to a Chinese Crested; however, there are many differences.  The Hairless Khala comes in two sizes Medio and Grande which look exactly the same besides the leng
Height: 14-20 inches | Weight:15-30 pounds
(Harehound) The Harrier looks very similar to the Beagle but is noticeably larger.  A broad square head leads to their rectangular muzzle.  Large round eyes can melt any animal lover with a glance.  Large floppy ears sit on the si
Height: 19-21 inches | Weight:40-60 pounds
(Bichon Havanais) (Havana Silk Dog) The Havanese is an elegant breed with distinctive fur.  Round and covered in soft fur is their small happy faces.  Bright almond shaped eyes appear perky and a black nose ends their square muzzle. Th
Height: 8-11 inches | Weight:7-15 pounds
(Poi Dog) (Illio) Not much is known about this breed’s appearance because they are extinct.  They seem to have had a broad head which sat on a wide neck.  Their round bodies were attached to short chubby legs.  Short fur covered
Height: 13-16 inches | Weight:25-35 pounds
The Hellenikos Ichnilatis (Greek Hound) is a unique looking breed.  To start off, this breed has a round head that leads into their rectangular muzzle.  Round eyes and alert “v”shaped ears sit on their head.  A thick neck l
Height: 18-22 inches | Weight:38-44 pounds
(Greek Sheepdog) (Greek Shepherd)The Hellenikos Poimenikos (Greek Sheepdog) is a large fluffy breed with a calm expression.  Large broad heads start this breed and lead to their strong muzzle.  Set in slightly are two round eyes that have f
Height: 25-29 inches | Weight:84-110 pounds
The Hovawart is a large dog which looks similar to a Golden Retriever.  A broad square head starts off this breed and leads to their rectangular muzzle.  Small oval eyes are barely seen especially because of their dark brown color.  Lo
Height: 23-28 inches | Weight:55-90 pounds
Hava-jack dogs are a smaller sort of breed that have floppy ears and can come with any colour. They can jump high and are adorable.
About 0.5 to 1 foot depending on the age | An average male can weigh from 12 pounds to 15 pounds and an average female can weigh 10 to 13 pounds
The Havachon is a very intelligent breed. They are good with children, other dogs and the elderly. They are easy to train and do well with owners that have families. They also make great companions for the elderly.
6-12 pounds | 6-12 pounds
The coat of the Havamalt tends to be hypo-allergenic, which can be good for individuals who are prone to allergies and may find it difficult to live with other dogs. The Havamalt also has a double coat with a topcoat that is silky. The undercoat tend
Height: 8-11 inches | Weight:6-13 pounds
10-14 inches | 11-18 pounds
They are a very small and quiet dog.
15 inches | 8 - 15 pounds
The Highland Maltie is taller than a Westie with longer legs and a slim body. The hair is long and coarse but does not sweep the ground. The tail is feathered and curves over the back.
| 15 pounds

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