(Chrysanthemum Dog, Chinese Lion Dog) The Shih Tzu is a sturdy toy dog with a compact, solid build. These dogs have a distinctive, arrogant carriage that is befitting of their noble Chinese heritage. The length between the withers and the tail r
Height: 9-12 inches | Weight:9 – 16 pounds
(Husky, Sibe) The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized, graceful working dog with a fairly compact body and a well-proportioned build that denotes power, stamina, and speed. The breed’s medium-length, arched neck is carried erect when the dog
Height: 20 – 24 inches | Weight:35 – 60 pounds
(Caniche, Barbone, Chien Canne) The Standard Poodle exudes an aura of elegance, intelligence, and pride. This breed has the appearance of an active dog. Their bodies are squarely built, and properly proportioned. They have a fairly broad, deep c
Height: 15 - 25 inches | Weight:45 – 70 pounds
(St Bernard, Alpine Mastiff, Bernhardiner, St. Barnhardshund) The Saint Bernard is a powerful, large-sized dog with a strong, muscular build and a commanding presence. While these dogs are very tall, brawny, and imposing, they are not offensive
Height: 25 – 28 inches | Weight:110 – 200 pounds
(Sami, Samoiedskaïa Sabaka, Samoyedskaya, Sammy) Because the Samoyed is fundamentally a working breed, their presence is one of strength, agility, and dignity. They are beautiful, elegant, and they carry themselves with pride. Their muscula
Height: 21 – 24 inches | Weight:45 – 65 pounds
(Chinese Shar-Pei) The Shar-Pei is a medium-sized dog with a moderately substantial build and distinctive facial features. The breed has a broad, deep chest and a short, close-coupled back. The brisket extends to the elbow and rises slightly und
Height: 18 – 20 inches | Weight:40 – 55 pounds
(Saarloos Wolf Dog) The Saarlooswolfhond is a wolf-like dog. Their head is round, and they have a long rectangular muzzle. Their eyes are medium size and round, usually brown in color. Their nose is large and black. On top of their heads, large
Height: 24-29 inches | Weight:79-90 pounds
(Gazelle Hound, Arabian Hound, Persian Greyhound, Tanji, Persian Sighthound) The Saluki is a rather unique looking breed. They have a small round head with a long narrow muzzle and large, round, brown eyes. One of their most distinctive features
Height: 23-28 inches | Weight:29-66 pounds
(Sar Planina, Illyrian Sheepdog, Charplaninatz, Yugoslav Shepherd Dog, Yugoslav Mountain Dog, Ovcarski Pas Srbije I Crne Gore) The Sarplaninac is a large, sturdy breed whose round head ends in a long, rectangular muzzle. The breed has medium siz
Height: 22-24 inches | Weight:55-80 pounds
The Schipperke is a small Spitz-like dog with a happy round face covered in a large mane of fluffy fur. Their muzzle is long and narrow ending in a small black nose. The breed’s eyes should be proportional and triangular. They are normally dar
Height: 10-13 inches | Weight:12-18 pounds
(Deerhound) The Scottish Deerhound is a unique looking dog with a small round head. A long narrow muzzle leads to their large black nose which was designed for hunting. The breed has small round eyes and little ears set back on their heads. Thei
Height: 28-32 inches | Weight:75-110 pounds
(Scottie, Aberdeen Terrier) The Scottish Terrier is a small dog with a big personality. Covered in a long beard, the breed’s long rectangular muzzle protrudes from their petite head. Their small, almond-shaped eyes and erect, large, triang
Height: 10-11 inches | Weight:19-23 pounds
The Sealyham Terrier looks like a white Scottish Terrier with its small head and long, square muzzle. From their muzzle, flows a long white beard. They have large, round dark- colored eyes and big ears which fold over into a “V” shape. Th
Height: 12 inches | Weight:20 pounds
(Sheltie) The Shetland Sheepdog looks like a miniature Collie. Their head is extremely small and round with a long, narrow muzzle. Their large, round eyes are usually dark brown color, and their mouths close into a scissor bite.  Above thei
Height: 13-16 inches | Weight:14-27 pounds
(Japanese Shiba Inu, Japanese Small Size Dog, Shiba, Shiba Dog) The Shiba Inu is a medium sized, arctic-like dog. Their small, round heads end in short, square muzzle. Their large, round eyes and petite, triangular ears give them a friendly, yet
Height: 13-16 inches | Weight:18-30 pounds
(Kochi-ken) The Shikoku is looks like an arctic breed. They have a round head and square muzzle much like the Shiba Inu. Their dark brown eyes are small and slanted eyes. Their ears stand straight up in a triangular shape while their mouth close
Height: 7-21 inches | Weight:35-50 pounds
The Shiloh Shepherd looks similar to a German Shepherd. They have a large, round head and round muzzle, as well as the same small, brown eyes and triangular ears which stick straight up.  The breed’s thick neck and broad chest indicate its
Height: 28-30 inches | Weight:80-130 pounds
The Silken Windhound looks like a small Borzoi. Their head is small and round with a long small muzzle while their eyes are not very large and are set back a little in their head. They have small ears which are set back from their head, as well as a
Height: 18-23 inches | Weight:22-55 pounds
(Sydney Terrier, Australian Silky Terrier, Silky Toy Terrier) The Silky Terrier has a similar look to a Yorkshire Terrier. They have a square flat head and short square muzzle ending with a small black nose. Their eyes are medium sized and usual
Height: 9-10 inches | Weight:8-11 pounds
The Skye Terrier is a small, long-haired breed. Their head is round with a short square muzzle which ends with a medium-size black nose. Poking up from the mounds of hair falling over their faces, their distinctive ears stick up but are covered in mo
Height: 10 inches | Weight:25 pounds
(Slougui, Arabian Greyhound, Arabischer Windhund, Sloughi Moghrebi, Arabian Sighthound, Lévrier Marocain)The Sloughi is an interesting looking breed with a small round head and long small muzzle. In fact, much about the breed is small, includi
Height: 24-28 inches | Weight:35-65 pounds
(Slovak Cuvac, Slovakian Chuvach, Tatransky Cuvac, Slovensky Kuvac)The Slovensky Cuvac is a large, furry dog whose big, round head and long muzzle ends with a prominent black nose. The breed has small, oval eyes and small pendant-shaped ears. They ha
Height: 22-28 inches | Weight:66-99 pounds
(Smooths, Fox Terrier Smooth Coat)The Smooth Fox Terrier is a cheerful breed. They have a small wedge shaped head with an equally petite, but surprisingly long, muzzle.  At the tip of the muzzle is a black nose once used to hunt down foxes and o
Height: 13-16 inches | Weight:13-20 pounds
(Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Wheaton Terrier, Wheaten) With its long head and short muzzle tipped with a sizable black nose which sticks out slightly, the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is a unique looking breed.  Beneath its piles of s
Height: 17-20 inches | Weight:30-45 pounds
(South Russian Sheepdog, South Russian Shepherd Dog)The South Russian Ovtcharka is a fluffy dog similar in appearance to the Old English Sheep Dog. They have large heads and short muzzles. Their large, dark colored eyes are covered completely by hair
Height: 24-25 inches | Weight:108-110 pounds
(Mastin Espanol, Mastin de la Mancha, Mastin de Extremadura, Mastin de Leon)The Spanish Mastiff is a massive breed with a large, square head and muzzle. Their facial expression is similar to that of a Saint Bernard. They have small eyes, yet medium s
Height: 28-35 inches | Weight:145-220 pounds
(Perro de Agua Espanol, Turco Andaluz, Turkish Dog)The Spanish Water Dog is a perky dog. They have a round head and short square muzzle. Their dark colored eyes are covered with curly hair and their medium-size ears lay close to their head. Their fee
Height: 16-20 inches | Weight:30-49 pounds
(Wire-haired Pointing Dog, Spinone, Italian Spinone, Italian Griffon)The Spinone Italiano is a wire-haired dog. The breed’s head is long and its muzzle is square with a long beard. Small yellow or brown eyes, which are often compared to human e
Height: 22-27 inches | Weight:61-85 pounds
(Stabijhoun, Dutch Stabyhoun, Friesian Pointer) information, pictures, photos and descriptions.The Stabyhoun is a graceful pointer dog. They have a square head and muzzle with small dark colored eyes. Their ears are quite big compared to their other
Height: 19-21 inches | Weight:40-55 pounds
(English Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Staffie, Staffy, Stafford, Staffordshire) The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a large, strong dog.  Its round head leads to a wide, yet short, neck. The breed’s short, square muzzle moves into strong
Height: 13-16 inches | Weight:23-38 pounds
(Mittelschnauzer) The Standard Schnauzer is a unique looking dog with a rectangular head leading to a square muzzle covered in a long beard. Bushy eyebrows sit above medium-size, dark color eyes. Their mouth should have a scissor bite. Their ear
Height: 17-20 inches | Weight:30-45 pounds
The Sussex Spaniel is an elegant looking dog. The breed’s broad, square head leads into an equally broad and square muzzle. They have large hazel colored eyes and long, hair covered ears hang down past their scissor bite jaws. Their body is ver
Height: 15-16 inches | Weight:40-44 pounds
(Västgötaspets, Vaestgoetaspets, Vallhund, Swedish Cattle Dog)The Swedish Vallhund is a Corgi-like dog. The breed’s smiling, round face leads into a small muzzle. They have large yellow or brown colored eyes, and their large ears stic
Height: 12-16 inches | Weight:25-35 pounds
The Saint Berdoodle may be a first generation or a second generation dog, like many hybrid breeds. A first generation Saint Berdoodle is the result of breeding a purebred Saint Bernard and Poodle. A second generation Saint Berdoodle is produced by br
Height: 24-30 inches | Weight:110-200 pounds
This breed makes for a great family dog. They are loyal and may be protective of the house. Most have the face of the Saint Bernard with the body of a Great Dane. They are very hairy and most likely slobber.
34 inches | 160-200 pounds
12-14 inches | 12-15 pounds
Most have the face of a Chow Chow and the tail of a Pomeranian. They have a long body with short legs.
12-13 inches | 20-25 pounds
The Schipese has been developed by the combination of the Schipperke and the Maltese. The parent’s coats are different, and the Schipese can inherit any of the coats the white long and flowing white coat of Maltese or a black medium length harsh do
9-12 inches | 8-12lbs
The Schipper –Poo is a mix of a Schipperke and a Poddle. This goofy pooch is energetic, loving, and playful. Like the entire mixed breed Schipper- Poo also inherits traits from parent breeds. The small dog has a sturdy body with medium to long soft
13-20 inches | 10-20 pounds
The Schnau-Tzu has a longer snout than Shih-Tzu. Has the Schnauzer mustache but also has the long sweeping hair over the eyes like a Shih-Tzu. Grows larger than a Shih-Tzu...generally reaching 15 to 20lbs. Tail curls around to their back. Does not
5-7 inches | 10 pounds
Schneagle is a mixed breed of the Beagle and the Schnauzer and resembles the look of the dominant parent breed. He inherits short hair from Beagle and may own a variety of colors on his body. Sometimes, he can be black and tan, with long blonde locks
6-11 inches | 15-25 pounds
The Schnekingese is a popular hybrid between the Pekingese breed and the Miniature Schnauzer. Although the place and date of origin of the Schnekingese are unknown, the history of his parent breed is really interesting. It depicts the story of ancien
8-10 inches | 11-15 lbs
Schnese is a mixed breed between the Miniature Schnauzer and the Havanese, and he derives its appearance from both or either of the two parent breeds. He reaches a tall height of 13 inches, and they weight heavy as much as 15 pounds. He derives bushy
7-9 inches | 6-10 pounds
Schnocker is a hybrid mix between Miniature Schnauzer and the Cocker Spaniel. These canines can inherit the personality traits from both or either parents breed. After a close observation by the breeders and his owners, Schnocker is turn out to be a
10-13 inches | 15-20 lbs
The actual coat of the Schnoodle can vary as well, depending upon which one of the parent breeds that it takes after. Some Schnoodles will have a coat that is like a Schnauzer and will be wiry and coarse. Other Schnoodles will have a coat like that a
Height: 10-20 inches | Weight:8-75 pounds
Their hair may be long or short and their appearance will range between the Shih-Tzu and Dachshund.
11-20 inches | 9-20 pounds
My Scoland has the head shape of a Scottie, slightly longer legs and more brindle.
| 13-23 pounds
Scoodle is a mixed breed of Scottish Terrier and pure Poodle. This adorable breed varies in size from small to medium depending upon the genetics derived from parents. He can weigh from 10 to 20 pounds and reach to a height of 12 inches. He owes shor
8-12 inches | 10-20 lbs
Scorkie is a crossbreed between silky coated Yorkshire Terrier and rough coated Scottish Terrier. The derived breed receives the genes of either parent. Scorkie owns soft coat that can vary in color from zed black to grey, and tan depending upon the
8-9 inches | 8-25 pounds
I have a Scotchi and usually they come speckled brown, blonde, white, etc. They usually have pointy or floppy ears and a Beard shape like Scottish terrier around their mouth. They also are very energetic so walks are helpful. They tend to have long w
Scotchon is a small dog featuring floppy ears and lots of curly fur on the body. The color of the fur varies from light brown to black, grey, and mixture of these colors. These playful dogs are full of energy showing their affectionate and friendly n
14-20 inches | 16-25 lbs
Scotinese is a cross breed between a Scottish Terrier and a Pekingese. It is a small size dog possessing a long body and short legs. The canine resembles both his parents in terms of personality he owes. The soft fur of Scotinese proliferates and req
10-11 inches | 19-22 lbs
Scotti Apso is a mixed breed of the Scottish Terrier and Lhasa Apso and inherits the traits of his parents. These short size canine weights around 15 to 25 pounds. They have a thick, straight, and medium size coat that sheds moderately. The color of
10-11 inches | 13-22 lbs
Scottish Cocker is a mixed breed between Scottish terrier and Cocker Spaniel. They are counted among the adorable breed ranging from small to medium in size and weights from 16 to 25 pounds when they grow completely. They have a silky coat of medium
10-16 inches | 16-25 lbs
The Scottish-Skye Terrier is a small hybrid dog obtained by crossbreeding a Skye terrier and Scottish terrier. It has a short height but has an elongated form, and has a whiskered appearance with forelocks enveloping its face. The dog has a double co
The male Scottish Skye Terrier stands tall at 20-25 inches while the female could reach a height of 19-23 inches. | Male-11-18lbs; female-10-17lbs
The Shairn-Inu is a new breed of dog obtained by crossing the Japanese Shiba-Inu with the Scottish Cairn Terrier. It is a small dog breed that exhibits traits and physical features of its parents. Like the Cairn terrier its coat is rough and coarse w
Male:-11-15 inches; Female-11-15 inches | 13-15 pounds
Sharbo dog is a crossbreed of the Chinese Shar-Pei and the Boston terrier, originally in the US during the 2000s. Both the Boston terrier and Shar-Pei are purebred dogs, reared chiefly for pit fighting in the US and China respectively. The Sharbo, th
15-20 inches | 30-50 lbs.
The Sharmatian, developed by crossbreeding a Dalmatian and a Shar-Pei comes across as an attractive dog with a striking personality. This dog has a large to medium size and can live for ten to twelve years. Owing to its affectionate, affable and plac
Male: 18-24 inches; Female: 17-23 inches | Male: 40-60 lbs Female: 35-55lbs
18-19 inches | 40-45 pounds
The Shel-Aussie is a hybrid of the Scottish Shetland Dog and the Australian Shepherd Dog, and has a charming appearance. Shel-Aussies have inherited have inherited numerous physical features and behavioral traits from their parents. For instance, it
16-23 inches. | 30-65lbs.
Schelchon is a cross breed between purebreds Shetland Sheepdog and a purebred Bichon Frise. This breed has medium to long size coat with thick double layer. The color of the coat differs from white, brown, cream to black, tan, and sable. Their hair i
10-12 inches | 15-25 lbs
Shelestie is a mixed breed between Shetland Sheepdog and purebred West Highland White Terrier. It is a medium-sized dog that has a thick, double-layer coat and is water repellent. The fur of the dog is in different colors varying from brown, black, c
11-13 inches | 10-20 lbs
They may have a tendency to look more like the Shetland Sheepdog than a Papillon, with the exception of their ears. They have the large ears of the Papillon and the hair grows out around the ears the same as a Papillon. This breed is comfortable arou
12-17 inches in height. | 10-13 pounds
Generally the look of the Sheltidoodle is close to that of the Sheltie. The body and shape will be like that of the Sheltie with the curl of the poodle. This breed does not shed.
Sheltie Inus are the best of both the Sheltie and Shiba Inu breeds. They are proud, handsome, and fox-like in appearance with a bright, alert, and discerning expression. Their tails curl up over their backs and coats tend toward the shorter course
The typical size range is 13 - 16 inches. | The typical weight range is 15 - 25 pounds tending towards the heavier weight range of the Sheltie.
The Sheprador is a beautiful breed that has silky, wavy fur. Most of the time, this breed, has the face of a Labrador and the body of a Shepherd. The hair can be short. Some have the body of a Labrador with the colors of an Aussie.
30-80 pounds | 45-85 pounds
Shetinese is a hybrid mix between Pekingese and the Shetland Sheepdog. This canine can inherit the traits of both its parent breeds. This breeds reach an average height of 11 inches and gain an average weight of 18 pounds. The coats are mostly thick
6-16 inches | 10-24 lbs
The Shi-Pom is a hybrid of Pomeranian and Shiba Inu. Like the other breeds, this also has traits of parent breeds. Shi-Pom will likely to have thick and soft plush coat with a fur line along the spine. The coat color can be red and white, sesame, pat
6-17 inches | 15 lbs
The Shibos is created by cross-breeding the purebred Boston Terrier and the Shiba Inu. This small dog comes in three colors black and white, seal and brindle. Shibos has tight skin, and the coat ranges from smooth to fluffy. This dog has triangular a
12-16 inches | 20-28 pounds
A ShiChis appearance can vary depending on if the Chihuahua parent is long or short haired. A short haired parent can produce a combo of short hair with wispy longer hairs or a longer hair with wispy hairs.
| 5-18 pounds
Depending on whether its a male or female the size will vary. 23cm to 28cm for a male and 20cm to 25cm for a female | 14-15 pounds
The Shih-Mo is a small to medium sized dog. The ears and color normally resemble the Shih Tzu. It has the long legs and nose of the American Eskimo. The tail curves over the hind quarters.
| 15-25 pounds
The ears of this breed are usually floppy while the tail is left long rather than being docked. The size of the Shihpoo will typically depend on the size of the parent breeds. Smaller parent breeds will produce smaller Shihpoo dogs while larger paren
Height: 10-15 inches | Weight:5-15 pounds
The Shinese is a hybrid of Shi Tzu and Pekingese (lion dog). They have various names such as Peke-A-Tzu, Shih-Teze, and Peke-Tzu. The Shinese is a loyal and caring breed and inherits its temperament from both its parents, thus is known to be very lov
8-12 inches | 10-16 lbs
Also known as a Shih-Pom, Shih A Pom or a Pom-Tzu.
Height: 7-12 inches | Weight:4-16 pounds
Shocker is a crossbreed between Shiba Inu and American Cocker Spaniel. These cute dogs have a medium build up and require high activity time to wear out the excess energy. They are adorable and are quick learners too. Their fur is quite thick and lon
The Shocker is an active, loving, independent, and playful dog. They love to play the fetching game and enjoy spending time with their owners. However, due to their stubborn nature, it is necessary to train them since their early days otherwise they might become over possessive. Unlike other dogs, Shockers carry themselves quite well even in the isolated environment. This breed inherits most of its characteristics from its parents. For instance, it inherits affection and cuteness from Cocker Spaniel wherein, on the other hand, it inherits splendid beauty and independent traits from Shiba Inu. These dogs get along really well with kids and family members. However, they don’t mix up nicely with other animals. | 15-25 lbs.
The Shorgi has the head of a Shih Tzu and the long body and short legs of the Corgi.
| 25-30 pounds
The coat of the Shorkie may be a variety of different colors. Some of the colors that are seen in the Shorkie include gold with a black mask on the face, black and tan, solid red, solid gold and multi-colored of white, gold, black, white and chocolat
Height: 6-11 inches | Weight:7-16 pounds
12 inches | 13-17 pounds
The Sibercaan is a mix between the Canaan Dog and the Native American Indian Dog (NAID) or Siberian Husky. They are very loving and loyal to their family. They enjoy task given to them. They are intelligent, friendly and moderately easy to train. Th
16-24 inches | 45-115 pounds
The Silkchon is a hybrid of Silky Terrier and the Bichon Frise. This cute and cheerful dog acquires its physical and temperamental traits from both parents. They are like a little cotton ball as their fur is exceptionally soft and delicate. They have
The average height of male Silkchons is between 10-12 inches, and females can grow up to 9-11 inches. | The average height of male Silkchons is between 10-12 inches, and females can grow up to 9-11 inches.
The Silkese breed is a result of a cross between Maltese and Silky Terrier. This breed is a petite cute dog which has silky and long fur. It’s available in different colors like white, golden, black, brown, and a combination of the above mentioned.
The average size of male Silkese is between 9-12 inches, while females can grow up to 8-10 inches. | The Silkese can weigh between 7-14 lbs
The Silken Windhound is a crossbreed of Borzoi and Whippet hound and is well-known by the name “Silken.” This rare breed is popular in America and belongs to a family of sighthounds. It is available in many colors ranging from tan, white, black,
The Silken Windhounds can vary in size according to the genes. Their average height can be between 18-23.5 inches. | Male Silkens are massive with an average weight of 33-55 pounds, whereas females weigh between 20-45 pounds
The Silkinese has short legs and may sometimes have an underbite.
The Silkland Terrier is a hybrid of the West Highland White Terrier(Westie) and the Silky Terrier. This cute dog is a mix of two pure toy breeds. They are available in four common colors, i.e., black, white, crème, and brown. It can adjust better in
9-11 inches. | 15-20 lbs
The Silkshund is the hybrid of two prey hunting breeds, the Silky Terrier and the Dachshund. This designer breed tends to bark often, so it\'s necessary to socialize them. These little dogs are highly self-determined, which is their strong personalit
7-10 inches | 10-25 lbs.
The Silky Cairn is a crossbreed between two small and brave breeds, Silky Terrier and Cairn Terrier. These small flat snouted dogs are pretty troublesome when it comes to training them because of their stubborn nature. It’s suitable for apartment
11-14 inches | 9-10 lbs.
This compact, lightweight dog is a rare hybrid of Silky Terrier and Coton de Tulear. Known for their affectionate and companion nature, Silky Cotons are an excellent fit for singles or even larger families. Also, they are available in various color
The average height of Silky Cockers is between 10-12 inches, varying between male and female. | Male Silky Cockers are more massive than females with an average weight of 14-18 lbs.
This compact, lightweight dog is a rare hybrid of Silky Terrier and Coton de Tulear. Known for their affectionate and companion nature, Silky Cotons are an excellent fit for singles or even larger families. Also, they are available in various color
The average height of Silky Coton is between 8-11 inches, depending upon male and female. | It can weigh up to 11 lbs.
The Silky Jack is a crossbreed of Silky Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier. This tiny toy breed comes in various colors like white, black, crème, grey, chocolate, red, and many others. They are great companions who mingle well with families and are ea
The average size is between 8-12 inches. | Male Silky Jacks are more massive, with an average weight of 12-15lbs, whereas females weigh around 8-11 lbs.
The Silky Pug is a designer crossbreed between Silky Terrier and a Pug. These little dogs have a great attitude and naughty behavior, but can be easily trained with patience and positive reinforcement. They may shed slightly but are quite easy to gro
These are relatively smaller in size and can grow up to 7-11 inches. | It can weigh between 9-13 lbs
The Silky Tzu is a crossbreed of purebred Silky Terrier and Shih Tzu. This tiny toy breed comes in various colors like white, black, crème, tan, brown, and red. They are great companions who mingle well with singles & families with older children.
The average size is between 5-8 inches. | It weighs between 7-13 lbs when fully grown.
This compact, lightweight dog is a hybrid of two toy breeds, Silky Terrier and Lhasa Apso. It is a great family pet, although it needs early socialization and training to mingle into family. Their big brown eyes and flat muzzle face add up to their c
The average height of Silky Lhasa is between 8-11 inches, depending upon male and female. | Male Lhasas can weigh 12-15 lbs while females tend to be somewhere between 10-13 lbs.
The coat of the Silky-Pin is normally the color of the Miniature Pincher, black and brown. The hair is short and occasionally is only brown. The coat behind the ears and on the hind legs is longer and curls at the ends with a silky texture.
7-11 inches | 4-10 pounds
The Silkyhuahua is a crossbreed of Silky Terrier and Chihuahua. It is sometimes called “Silky Chi.” This tiny toy breed comes in various colors like white, black, crème, brown, and a combination of these. They have brown eyes with floppy ears.
The average size is between 8-10 inches. | It weighs between 5-10 lbs when fully grown.
The Silkytie is a crossbreed of Silky Terrier and Shetland Sheepdog(Sheltie). It is a small, and medium muzzled dog with dark brown eyes. It is available in various colors like white, black, crème, grey, chocolate, red, and many others. They are gre
The average size is between 10-14 inches. | The average size is between 10-14 inches.
The Silkzer is a hybrid of purebreds Silky Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer. This small lapdog comes in various colors like white, black, gray, crème, fawn, and silver. They have a unique physical appearance with round brown eyes and triangular ears
It can grow up to the average height of 9-14 | It weighs between 8-15 lbs when fully grown.
The Silky Terrier is also widely known by names, Australian Terrier or Sydney Silky. It has a beautiful and elegant appearance which attracts instantly. They are available in tan and blue coat colors. They are suitable for apartment living and gels w
The average height of males is 10 inches, where females are slightly shorter and grow up to 9 inches. | They weigh around 8-10 lbs
The Skip-Shzu is a rare crossbreed of Shih Tzu and Schipperke. It comes in various colors like brown, black, creme, white, and red. They have dark brown eyes with pointy ears. This short-muzzled dog does not like being alone for long intervals. Thei
The average size is between 10-13 inches. | It weighs between 10-15 lbs when fully grown.
The Skypoo is a hybrid between Poodle and Skye Terrier. Other popular names are, Skyedoodle, Skydoodle or Skyepoo. Its build varies from medium to large. Due to its charming persona, they tend to adapt well in families with younger kids and other sma
The average height can be between 8-15 inches. | They weigh somewhere between 35-70 lbs.
The Sniffon is a crossbreed of Miniature Schnauzer and Brussels Griffon. This tiny toy breed comes in various colors like grey, silver, black, blue, fawn, and red. They have brown eyes with pointy ears. They love digging and climbing, hence keep an
The average size is between 9-12 inches. | It weighs between 9-15 lbs when fully grown.
The Soft Coated Golden is a designer hybrid of Golden Retriever and Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. This large dog shed moderately, and its coat possibility is black, although it keeps turning golden as it grows. They are suitable for apartment living a
The average height of males is between 23-24 inches, where females are slightly shorter and can grow up between 22-23 inches. | They weigh between 60-75 lbs.
Soft, fluffy coat that is wavy. Wheat in color with black and brown accents. Stocky, medium build.
15 inches to top of the back and approximately 18 inches to top of the head. | Males: 30-40 pounds
The Soft Coated Woxer is a medium sized dog and its build often favors the Boxer. The fur is that of the Wheaton Terrier.
| 45 pounds
Spanadors come in a variety of colors including black with white. Most have a white blaze on the chest with some white on the tail. They have a wrinkled nose, curly hair on their back and long curly ears. Some have webbed feet. Most are tall with sm
20-55 | 20-50 pounds
This breed is often gold and white and sometimes has black spots. The hair is long and shaggy. The ears droop like that of a Spaniel. The face is similar to a Golden Retriever and they can grow large.
The Spantriever is a hybrid of Labrador and English Cocker Spaniel. This medium-sized dog is suitable for bachelors, seniors citizens or families with little children. They require moderate care and are easy to train. It is suitable for apartment liv
The average height is between 15-20 inches. | Male Spantrievers are more massive than females with an average weight of 45-50 lbs, whereas females can weigh around 40-45 lbs.
St. Weilers can vary in color from light to dark brown and some may be solid black.
56-62 pounds | 100-180 pounds
The Swissneese are tan/golden in color with white markings like a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Most have the short hair of the Swissy but some have longer hair like the Pyrenees.
95 -130 pounds |
This breed is also often referred to a "Teddy Bear". They are considered hypoallergenic because they do not grow fur. They grow hair, similar in makeup to human hair.
Height: 9-12 inches | Weight:7-12 pounds
The Sheepadoodle is a cross between an Old English Sheepdog and a Standard Poodle. Generally, this breed is either black or white.
28 inches | 60-80 pounds

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