(Lab, Black Labrador Retriever, Yellow Labrador Retriever, Chocolate Labrador Retriever, ) The Labrador Retriever is a strong, medium-sized dog with an athletic, well-balanced appearance. They are a short-coupled breed with a body that is the sa
Height: 21-28 inches | Weight:55 – 100 pounds
(Ormskirk Heeler)  The Lancashire Heeler is only about a foot high, and set low to the ground - the legs are short in relationship to the rest of the body. The legs are sturdy, however, with the paws turned slightly outwards. The head is always
Height: 10-12 inches | Weight:6-13 pounds
The Lagotto is a small-to-medium sized dog, well-muscled and squarely built (as long as it is tall.) It is well-proportioned, but looks as if the head is too big for the body, although this is because the hair on the head and face is left longer than
Height: 14-19 inches | Weight:25-35 pounds 
The Lakeland Terrier is similar to the Welsh Terrier, being a solid, squarely built breed, but a bit smaller. The head is elongated, and for show dogs the bushy hair is left to fall over the forehead, covering the eyes. It also has a pronounced beard
Height: 14 inches | Weight:15-17 pounds
(Landseer Newfoundland) The Landseer Newfoundland is a large dog, there's no two ways about it. It is tall and powerful, but well proportioned. The ears are medium-sized, triangular and pendant. The eyes, small for the size of the dog, are d
Height: 26-32 inches | Weight:100-150 pounds
(Grosser Münsterländer Vorstehhund) (Large Munsterlander)The Large Münsterländer is a large breed, with a distinctive mottled black and white coat. Brown Münsterländers exist, but are not common, and all black Münst
Height: 23-25 inches  | Weight:50-70 pounds
The Leonberger is a very large breed, proud and majestic in appearance, with a characteristic black mask. The females will be slightly smaller. The skull is domed. The medium-sized, pendant ears flank kind and gentle brown eyes. The face will have a
Height: 27-31 inches | Weight:100-170 pounds
The Lhasa Apso is a small breed, with a long, heavy, double coat, which in show dogs cascaded over the eyes and is draped over the entire body to the floor. They resemble a small version of the Old English Sheepdog. The Lhasa comes in a variety of co
Height: 9-11 inches | Weight:14-19 pounds
The Lithuanian Hound is not well known outside of Lithuania. It is a sturdy breed, less-heavily boned than other hounds, with a sleekly muscular body. The coat is a short, glossy black with limited tan markings. The long tail is held low. The head is
Height: 21-24 inches | Weight:60-75 pounds
(Catahoula Leopard Dog) (Catahoula Hog Dog) (Catahoula Cur)The Louisiana Catahoula was bred for work rather than show, so the appearance of the breed can vary. It has a short and tight, single coat, with a merle (mottled) or black and tan pattern. Th
Height: 20-26 inches | Weight:55-80 pounds
(The Little Lion Dog) (Petit chien lion)The Löwchen, or Little Lion, resembles a Bichon Frise, with a short, round head, round eyes, and a black nose. The ears are feathered, and pendant. The body is short but well-proportioned, the tail is medi
Height: 10-13 inches | Weight:9-18 pounds
(Norwegian Lundehund) (Norwegian Puffin Dog) (Norsk Lundehund)The Norwegian Lundehund is an unusual breed. It has six toes on each foot, four in the front and two in the back, all of them jointed and muscled. It has a great range of motion in it
Height: 12-15 inches | Weight:13-20 pounds
The Labrador Husky is often thought of as a mixed breed dog but that is not the case. This breed is pure bred.  This breed resembles Siberian Huskies as well as many other Nordic breeds.  Their round head is covered in plenty of fluffy fur
Height: 20-28 inches | Weight:60-100 pounds
The rare Larson Lakeview Bulldogge looks like many Bulldogs, however, they are larger.  A large round head starts this breed and leads to their extremely short but broad muzzle.  The muzzle has the cute scrunched up look distinctive to Bull
Height: 16-22 inches | Weight:50-110 pounds
Llewellin Setters are believed to be a pure descendent of the English Setter dog. The first Llewellin Settelrs were primarily Blue Beltons, which was a common color among English Setters at one time. These pups are frequently born pure white and only
Height: 22-24 inches | Weight:35-60 pounds
12-18 inches | 10-20 pounds
They are tall with long legs and large feet. Their coats come wiry and smooth colored in black, tan with black trimming, black with tan blotches, solid tan and reddish brown. They have thick wavy fur that is easily combed. The ears are like that of a
They love their owner and strive to please.
| 78 pound lean male Labany
The Labbe has a coat that comes in yellow, black and chocolate and is often sprinkled with patches of white, derived from its Beagle heritage. As this breed matures, it often keeps its puppy like appearance due to its Beagle heritage. The paws are
19-24 inches | 25-40 pounds
The Labloodhound has a deep chest and muscular shoulders along with excess skin around the neck and upper back. Their coats come in black, brown and white, and rusty brown. They may or may not inherit the hound eyes. Their ears are longer than a Labr
30 inches | 120
The Labaraner is usually black or brown but on occasion may be gray and take after the Weimeraner.
24 inches | 60-100 pounds
Labradingers look like small Labradors but have longer ears and pointier faces. They come in several colors, black, chocolate, yellow and black with white markings.
18-22 inches | 50-88 pounds
There are also several different colors of Labradoodles depending on the color of the parents. Some of the colors available include apricot, gold, off-white, silver, red, chocolate and black. Usually, the coat of a Labradoodle is a solid color, altho
Height: 14-26 inches | Weight:26-60 pounds
Their color can vary from cinnamon like the traditional Viszla to blonde or yellow, dark brown, black, or a solid color that is a mix between dark brown and cinnamon. These dogs tend to have long floppy ears, sleek coat, and thin cat-like paws like t
| 45-80 pounds
Labrotties come in a variety of styles and their appearance depending on the dominant genes they inherit. Some take on the look of the Rottweiler with a black and tan muscular body. Others favor the Labrador and come in the black, brown, chocolate,
2-3 feet tall | 75-105 pounds
The Lhasapoo is a hybrid breed that is developed by crossing a Poodle with a Lhasa Apso. The breed is a small breed with a luxurious coat. The head has a round crown and short muzzle. There is a slight stop. It has expressive eyes that are large, but
9-13 inches | The breed typically weighs 12-16 pounds.
This breed is very friendly, loving and gentle. They are known to love other animals and most don’t act dominate. They enjoy the outdoors and frequent exercise.
| 25-35 pounds

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