The Jack Russell Terrier is a small, compact dog with a flexible body, and a small chest - necessary because as a working dog it must be able to get into burrows after its quarry - which comes in three varieties distinguished by its type of coat: smo
Height: 10-15 inches | Weight:14‑18 pounds
(Nihon Supittsu) The Japanese Spitz is a small breed, with slightly slanted, large oval eyes, over a tapering muzzle with black nose and lips. The face itself is wedge-shaped, the ears are small and pointed upright. The Spitz has a long-haired coat o
Height: 12‑15 inches  | Weight:11‑20 pounds
The Jindo, bred on the Korean island of Jindo, is a bright, alert looking breed, (similar in appearance to the smaller Shiba Inu and the larger Akita) with triangular ears that droop while they are puppies, but stand to attention ("prick" e
Height: 16 – 25 inches | Weight:25 – 50 pounds
(Japanese Chin) (Chin)  The Japanese Spaniel, also called the Japanese Chin or simply Chin, is a small, elegant breed of spaniel (the smaller the better), with drooping, v-shaped ears framing a round forehead and short, wide face.  The Chin
Height: 7-11 inches | Weight:4-15 pounds
The Jacairns hair is wiry and does not shed. It is a medium sized dog with a pointy face. The color is black with white patches and strongly resembles the Scottish Terrier. Others may be rusty brown in color with patches of white.
14 inches | 16 pounds
The Jack Chi can originate from a Chihuahua mixed with a Parsons Russell Terrier or a Jack Russell Terrier. The two terrier breeds are very similar and the Jack Chi will basically look the same either way. This breed is either smooth or broken coate
7 inches | 8 to 18
The Jack-a-bee has a face of a beagle and the body of a Jack Russell Terrier. Some have long, floppy ears and are very muscular. Others have short terrier-like ears with small bodies. Most are spotted with patches and have the temperament of the Jack
16 inches | 20-40 for more jack Russell dogs and beagle 15-30
come in all colours and are mainly rough coated
Jack-A-Poos tend to be about the size of a Jack Russell Terrier. They grow to be anywhere between 12 inches to 18 inches tall. The size of these bundles of joy is ideal for apartment living or for those who just desire a smaller dog. | 4-20 pounds
The fur of the Jack-Rat Terrier is black and white with spots and sometimes may have streaks for brown. The eyes are blue, green or brown.
| 20-25 pounds
The Japillon has a long coat that consists mainly of white as a primary colour and black or tan as a secondary colour. Although the mix can produce a squash-face resembling the Japanese Chin (or spaniel), it is far more common to produce a snout res
A full grown Japillon will stand (at shoulder height), at around mid-calf of the average sized adult. | The Japillon does weigh slightly more than the Japanese Chin (spaniel) and Papillon. Fully grown this dog will weigh at around 5-7kg.

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